Vitex Part #: DPM2-A0x0

DPM2 (DP1.2 compliant)

The DisplayPort fiber optic cable with DisplayPort V 1.2 compliant extends a Display Port signal up to 40 meter (130 ft) using a 50/125µm multimode fiber and copper hybrid cable with resolutions up to 4K UHD (38040×2160@60Hz).


  • High speed and long distance transmission by optical system
  • Compatible with DisplayPort V1.2a standard by VESA
  • Supporting resolution up to 4K UHD (38040×2160@60Hz)
  • MMF optical fiber + copper hybrid cable structure
  • HBR2 (High Bit Rate) cable assembly (up to 5.4Gbs data rate)
  • AUX and Hot Plug channels are transmitted by copper line
  • DPCP compliant
  • Power Operation LED installed

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