Vitex Part #: Bridge X_Neo I

NEO I is a portable monitoring equipment and converts video signals from HDMI to SDI or SDI to HDMI with up/down/cross converting. It supports SDI(SD/HD/3G) and HDMI(SD/HD/Full HD) up to 1080p60.

There is an LCD display for monitoring . An integrity check to a signal and audio level checking functions are offered to user. Cross Converter and the Test Pattern Generator functions are supported.


  • SDI in/out (SD/HD/3G all standard format)
  • HDMI in/out (SD/HD/Full HD all standard format)
  • Test Pattern Generator (Stop screen and Moving Box screen)
  • SDI signal integrity check (Loss, TSR, CRC, Line number)
  • HDMI signal integrity check (Loss, Resolution, HDCP)
  • Audio level check (At most 8 channels are monitored)
  • Audio monitoring earphone output
  • Touch Screen LCD Built in For Input signal monitoring (5 Inch 800×480)
  • External Battery(Option)
  • DC 7V ~ 17V Operation range output format(SD/HD/3G) to the signal


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