A multi-million dollar aerospace systems company needed a high resolution fiber optic cable for their latest flight simulation system. This company is a leading provider of a broad range of communication and electronic systems for military and commercial platforms. The technical team at Vitex recommended the 4K DisplayPort Extender and worked with the engineers to design in our extenders in their flight simulation application.

The DPM2 DisplayPort fiber optic cable is compliant with DisplayPort V 1.2 and extends DisplayPort signal up to a maximum of 40m (130 ft) using a 50/125µm multimode fiber and copper hybrid cable. Supporting resolutions up to 4K UHD (3840×2160@60Hz), the DPM2 is a very successful product in our 4K line up. The cable comes in different lengths from 10m to 40m. The DPM2 is a basically a plug and play device and is extremely easy to install.

When the customer was upgrading their legacy systems, they approached Vitex once again to find the right solution. The requirement was to upgrade the system to DisplayPort without replacing the existing monitors. Vitex was able to put together a fiber assembly for the customer with DisplayPort 1.1a to dual link DVI in a one cable solution. Our customer is very pleased with our products and are utilizing them for new projects.