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For twenty years, we’ve been helping engineers, designers and machine builders build bigger and better products using fiber optics. We specialize in sourcing and supporting very specific or custom fiber optic solutions so that your team can focus on product development and fulfillment.

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We’re (not just) a fiber optic supplier

We are the US authority in sourcing and developing your ideal fiber optic transceivers, video over fiber cable, AECs, AOCs and DACs, TOSA/ROSA and other fiber optic products. And, Vitex is more.

Located in New Jersey, we are passionate fiber optic experts that specialize in solutions and support for any application.

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Quality is an overused, empty word

Every fiber optic manufacturer says they are high quality and the leader. But we know better.

With over 20 years of manufacturer and development partnerships in Korea, China and Taiwan, the Vitex team has concrete knowledge about the fiber optic manufacturer pool. That means we have the insider intel on quality, performance and new product developments.

Our long-term relationships with the best in FO manufacturers provide you with the fiber optic solutions you’re looking for and can depend on.

Our goal: be the most helpful, resourceful fiber optics supplier you’ve ever had

Unlike single-source manufacturers, Vitex partners with the best in to ensure that your product is rated highest in communication and reliability.

Work with Vitex to get the answers you need, US-based application support, samples for testing, specialized application development, product and packaging customization, in-house QC testing and product stocking options designed to ensure your parts are always in-hand.

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celebrating 20 years of collaboration and innovation

Celebrating 20 years in fiber optics

Vitex sprang from a gap in the US fiber optic market: how to connect engineers, developers, designers, system integrators and purchasing departments to the right solution. Today, Vitex partners with customers in data networking, telecommunications, medical imaging, military equipment, network equipment monitoring and broadcasting. Because of our sensitivity to exact specifications and deliverables, enterprises look to us for fiber optic and video over fiber solutions that are time-sensitive, support-driven, customized and dependable.

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If you’ve got a spec (or an idea), that’s been troublesome to fulfill, try a new type of supplier.

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Michael Ko, Founder & Managing Director

As an agile business development pro, Michael began his career in fiber optics as an optical engineer at Northrop Grumman. His career progressed to business strategy, sales and product management for Mars & Co., LeCroy and JDSU (now Lumentum) before he started Vitex in 2003. At the helm of the company, Michael continues to develop creative optical solutions for engineers and industries seeking superior quality, specialized attention and customized products or program to meet their needs.

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Rakesh Sambaraju, PhD, Director of Sales & Technology

Rakesh combines his research background and enthusiasm for technology to help Vitex clients solve problems and develop optimal solutions. With extensive optical applications and product development experience at Corning, Dexia, Berk-Tek, Nexans and Sterlite, he is a requested speaker and a volunteer contributor to both the IEEE 802.3 Standards and Ethernet Alliance.

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