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Vitex transceiver saves the day

Multi rate transceivers offer flexibility.

A large data center customer wanted to upgrade half of their backbone while continuing to port into legacy equipment at a different location. The customer wanted 10G switches for the upgrade but still needed to tap into 1G switches on the other side of the network.

Maintaining networks at two different speeds means supporting two different sets of equipment. The traditional approach is to stock spare transceivers at both data rates. The problem is that it ties up capital in inventory. Worse, you could be left with a supply of transceivers at the slower data rate once your infrastructure transition is complete.

It was the perfect scenario for a dual-rate transceiver that was capable of operating at both 1G and 10G.

Vitex 1G/10G transceivers are designed for use in 1G and 10G ethernet links offering backward and forward compatibility to network designers. The customer tested and deployed the dual rate transceiver for use in their networking equipment. They have been so pleased with our products and service that they have turned to Vitex as their primary optics vendor.

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Network Monitoring

Vitex transceiver saves the day

Faulty network devices affect performance. Reducing downtime and increasing network efficiency were the main concerns of a leading company in network visibility and analytics. The California based company with many fortune 100 customers was seeking a vendor for 10G and 40G short and intermediate reach transceivers. Quality, affordability and excellent support were the key requirements. Their current vendor was plagued with delivery issues and some of the products had a lead time of about 3 months.

The customer tested Vitex devices in their system along with other vendors’ products. Vitex operations team also studied the usage requirements of the customer and designed an optimal stocking and technical support plan. Vitex impressed the customer with our high-quality products and service. After deploying the 10G and 40G products successfully, the customer is now testing Vitex 100G SR and LR modules for future upgrades.

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The heart of the matter

In operating room environments where laser sharp images are a must-have, Vitex DisplayPort extenders are playing a key role in transmitting data accurately and quickly to help medical personnel make the right decisions.

A large medical systems manufacturer specializing in cardiac surgery and diagnostics was looking to update their remote diagnostics solutions. The project involved transmitting large, high-quality images from the patient’s location to other offices. The customer decided to go with fiber due to its intrinsic strength and non-conductive qualities. They were looking for a DisplayPort extender capable of transmitting data up to 30m with USB powering.

We proposed our Pure Fiber DisplayPort extender, LBV-C1UD401000 with a detachable feature. This product supports MST and is designed to transmit data at 4K @ 60Hz without compression.

The connector cables support 3VDC power at source and display for a clean and reliable power connection. The 6’connector cables can be plugged into a fiber optic cable for a pure fiber connection.

After 6 months of intense test and qualification, our product was approved and is now being used as part of this important medical imaging system.

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Large Communications Company Saves Big with Vitex Coded Optics

Large Communications Company Saves Big with Vitex Coded Optics.

OEMs have always charged a hefty premium for their branded transceivers. Consumers are coming to realize that a similar coded optic from quality vendors could offer huge savings.

A large communications solutions provider headquartered in the North East was exploring this option. Never having worked with non-OEM transceivers in the past, this customer, one of the largest wholesale voice operators in the world, was looking for a reliable third-party transceiver vendor.

Vitex provided custom programmed 10G SFP+ SR, 40G QSFP+ SR4 and LR4 and 100G QSFP28 LR4 transceiver modules. At Vitex, we know compatibility is not just about coding EEPROM. The coded transceivers were tested in similar network environments to ensure seamless compatibility. The customer successfully deployed the modules in their system without any issues.

Replacing OEM transceivers with coded optics resulted in over 40% cost savings for the customer.

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Reliable fiber optic components in the line of fire

A major defense contractor needed a 2.5Gb/s PIN+TIA and Laser Diode for constructing a shipboard fiber optic communication system.

Due to the type of application these devices needed to work at temperatures from -40C to +85C with a demonstrated history of high reliability. The requirement was for a pigtailed 2.5Gb/s PIN+TIA and a 2.5Gb/s directly modulated laser. Both devices needed to pass rigid Telcordia GR-468-CORE qualification and also have a demonstrated field failure rate of less than 50FIT. By having product history back to the year 2000 we were able to show a random failure rate of less than 50 FIT based on over 70 million devices hours in the field. Today our customer has hundreds of devices working in this harsh environment without a single failure. Our customer is so pleased with these products performance they are utilizing them for two new programs.

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Trusted Source for AV Customer

An AV industry leader in automation and control solutions for building and home automation wanted to make the switch from 1080p products to 4K. They had a strong engineering team with fiber optics experience. The customer looked at developing in-house fiber optics and also solutions from other manufacturers. This customer with a yearly sales total of $1 billion ultimately went with Vitex because their engineers had worked with us in the past and trusted us to come up with a solution that would fit their needs.

Vitex worked closely with the customer for 2 years to provide a complete suite of high-speed optical modules for their new 4K video integration systems.

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Test Equipment

New products for Test Equipment market

An engineer at a leading network test equipment company approached Vitex after seeing our CWDM channel analyzer demonstration at an industry trade show.

Vitex CWDM channel analyzer is one of the fastest and smallest hand-held testers in the market today. It is almost half the weight of its closest competitor and can conduct accurate testing in a remarkable 5 seconds, which is ten times faster than the industry average, proving significant advantages in terms of size and testing speed.

As an industry acclaimed test equipment manufacturer, our customer was looking for a reliable partner with qualified technical personnel. Our team worked closely with the customer’s engineers to make custom modifications. Over the course of 8 years, our customer has deployed hundreds of these devices in the field.

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