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Vitex transceiver saves the day

Multi rate transceivers offer flexibility.

A large data center customer wanted to upgrade half of their backbone while continuing to port into legacy equipment at a different location. The customer wanted 10G switches for the upgrade but still needed to tap into 1G switches on the other side of the network.

Maintaining networks at two different speeds means supporting two different sets of equipment. The traditional approach is to stock spare transceivers at both data rates. The problem is that it ties up capital in inventory. Worse, you could be left with a supply of transceivers at the slower data rate once your infrastructure transition is complete.

It was the perfect scenario for a dual-rate transceiver that was capable of operating at both 1G and 10G.

Vitex 1G/10G transceivers are designed for use in 1G and 10G ethernet links offering backward and forward compatibility to network designers. The customer tested and deployed the dual rate transceiver for use in their networking equipment. They have been so pleased with our products and service that they have turned to Vitex as their primary optics vendor.

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