Our Defense Case Studies

Reliable fiber optic components in the line of fire

A major defense contractor needed a 2.5Gb/s PIN+TIA and Laser Diode for constructing a shipboard fiber optic communication system.

Due to the type of application these devices needed to work at temperatures from -40C to +85C with a demonstrated history of high reliability. The requirement was for a pigtailed 2.5Gb/s PIN+TIA and a 2.5Gb/s directly modulated laser. Both devices needed to pass rigid Telcordia GR-468-CORE qualification and also have a demonstrated field failure rate of less than 50FIT. By having product history back to the year 2000 we were able to show a random failure rate of less than 50 FIT based on over 70 million devices hours in the field. Today our customer has hundreds of devices working in this harsh environment without a single failure. Our customer is so pleased with these products performance they are utilizing them for two new programs.

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