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Medical Case Studies

The heart of the matter

In operating room environments where laser sharp images are a must-have, Vitex DisplayPort extenders are playing a key role in transmitting data accurately and quickly to help medical personnel make the right decisions.

A large medical systems manufacturer specializing in cardiac surgery and diagnostics was looking to update their remote diagnostics solutions. The project involved transmitting large, high-quality images from the patient’s location to other offices. The customer decided to go with fiber due to its intrinsic strength and non-conductive qualities. They were looking for a DisplayPort extender capable of transmitting data up to 30m with USB powering.

We proposed our Pure Fiber DisplayPort extender, LBV-C1UD401000 with a detachable feature. This product supports MST and is designed to transmit data at 4K @ 60Hz without compression.

The connector cables support 3VDC power at source and display for a clean and reliable power connection. The 6’connector cables can be plugged into a fiber optic cable for a pure fiber connection.

After 6 months of intense test and qualification, our product was approved and is now being used as part of this important medical imaging system.

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