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Network Monitoring

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Network Monitoring Case Studies

Reducing downtime and Increasing network efficiency

Faulty network devices affect performance. Reducing downtime and increasing network efficiency were the main concerns of a leading company in network visibility and analytics. The California based company with many fortune 100 customers was seeking a vendor for 10G and 40G short and intermediate reach transceivers. Quality, affordability and excellent support were the key requirements. Their current vendor was plagued with delivery issues and some of the products had a lead time of about 3 months.

The customer tested Vitex devices in their system along with other vendors’ products. Vitex operations team also studied the usage requirements of the customer and designed an optimal stocking and technical support plan. Vitex impressed the customer with our high-quality products and service. After deploying the 10G and 40G products successfully, the customer is now testing Vitex 100G SR  and LR modules for future upgrades.

Available Network Monitoring Products