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Leading AV equipment manufacturer chooses Vitex transceivers for superior performance exceeding MSA standards

Our Customer

Our customer based in New Jersey is a manufacturer and distributor of audiovisual automation and integration equipment. The company designs, manufactures, and distributes equipment used to control technology in commercial audiovisual environments such as meeting spaces, conference rooms, classrooms and auditoriums and high end residential audiovisual installations.


In the late 2000s, traditional AV infrastructures were giving way to AV over IP installations with the standard matrix switcher being replaced by an IP switch. At that time, our customer’s switches deployed a proprietary triplexer solution from another vendor. Because of the wavelengths used in the triplexer (1310, 1490 and 1550nm), standard Multi Mode Fiber was not feasible in this solution and the customer had to design custom fiber for signal transport. Throughout the process, engineers encountered issues which they had to troubleshoot themselves. They were frustrated with the lack of support from the vendor and began exploring a standard pluggable transceiver option.


AV over IP

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In 2016, engineers at the company started working on a new platform capable of handling 4K signals. To keep costs down without sacrificing customer experiences, they decided to deploy 1G transceivers in their network switches. Some of their engineers had worked with Vitex on other projects and trusted us to come up with a solution to meet their needs. 

Exceeding Benchmarks

Our customer’s requirements were much more stringent than MSA. One of the requirements was a higher temperature margin of 0 to 85 deg C. Typical commercial grade optical transceivers support temperatures from 0 to 70 deg C. Vitex employed further screening and provided custom modules that supported the extended temperature specification.

Another customer requirement was a larger eye opening in the eye diagram. In optical communication, eye diagrams are very good tools for measuring link quality. Generally speaking, the more open the eye is, the lower the likelihood of errors in the network system. With a larger eye opening, the customer wanted to ensure overperformance and compensate for issues that may arise in the field. Vitex was able to meet the higher performance margins and provide robust transceiver solutions.


Transceiver packaging

Fig 2 : Custom packaging

Our customer specified guidelines for packaging and labeling which Vitex was able to satisfy. To date, this leading AV equipment manufacturer has deployed over 16000 Vitex transceiver modules in the field with minimal returns.

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