A best-in-class manufacturer was looking for exceptional transceivers to include in its private-label optical cabling system

Vitex’s transceivers exceeded every performance requirement demanded by a global cabling manufacturer seeking to resell it under their brand label

Working closely with the client’s application engineers, Vitex’s optical engineering and support teams successfully delivered custom transceivers as an integral part of a high-performance data center cabling system. This comprehensive solution was marketed and fully supported under a single, recognizable brand.


Customer Profile

Our customer is a leading telecommunications company that specializes in manufacturing and providing high-performance network cables and cabling infrastructure solutions. Known for over fifty years for its American-made product quality and performance, the company’s reputation is based on its record of exceeding industry standards.

The Challenges

The customer works directly with exacting customers to support demanding network performance. Their client, an American multinational financial services company, required an end-to end data center cabling solution that included optical transceivers as well as the fiber cabling. For the cable manufacturer, this presented a business expansion opportunity with two significant challenges: what brand of transceiver had the level of quality control to guarantee optimal performance AND be able to provide physical and EEPROM electronic ID private labeling for relatively modest quantities?



Manufacturing OEM
Data Centers & Networks


Product Quality
Tech Support


US-based Tech Support
Custom Private Label
Custom Stock Levels


25G SFP28 SR transceiver
40G QSFP+ LR4 transceiver
100G QSFP28 CWDM4 transceiver

The Solution

The customer researched qualified transceiver suppliers focusing on brand reputation. Because of the customization and initial small purchasing volume, the manufacturer-of-choice referred the cable manufacturer to Vitex.

Vitex engineering and support staff quickly moved the requested 40G transceivers through sample requests, customization and testing. Once the product was verified and all engineering approvals were complete, Vitex supplied and delivered the 40G QSFP+ LR4 transceivers as private-labeled parts.

The Results

More than seven years later, the partnership continues to grow. Due to acquisitions and market changes, the customer is focused on growth plans outside of optical cabling systems. Despite the shift, their cabling systems have expanded from the 40G QSFP+ LR4 transceiver to 100G QSFP28 CWDM4 transceivers, also private-labeled and surpassing the required performance ratings. Additionally, because product forecasting is virtually impossible for the client, Vitex has a developed product stock and delivery system to meet the client’s just-in-time requests, avoiding delays due to the international supply chain.

“Our initial concern was how to find a transceiver with the same rigor of quality and performance as our optical cables – the entire solution had to be as reliable as our standard products. Once we determined which manufacturer to approach, the next hurdle was customization. As an extension of an existing product line, we knew that the quantities could be huge but would start out small so the mandatory EEPROM development could be either prohibitively expensive or have uneven results. Luckily Vitex was both understanding and technically savvy. The physical private label and custom electronic ID were not a problem and the quality never faltered. Our data center clients are incredibly happy and there’s no realization that they’re not using a [company]-manufactured solution.”

— R.S, Optical Applications Engineer

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