Vitex to showcase breakthroughs in optics portfolio at OFC 2024

Introducing 25G DWDM long-range transceivers for 40km, plus additional optical connectivity

Vitex, an industry leader in advanced optical technology, today announced they will unveil its latest solutions at OFC. Their new 25G DWDM SFP28 transceivers extend a network’s reach up to 40 kilometers.

“It’s an ideal solution for 10G to 25G upgrades on a DWDM system, for fiber-to-the-antenna applications, in the central office, outdoor DOCSIS converters, and at cell sites. These transceivers extend optical signal reach beyond 20 kilometers, which was the typical limit for solutions in the market until now”

Rakesh Sambaraju, Director of Sales and Technology at

Additionally, the 25G DWDM SFP28’s are available in NRZ and 12.5G PAM-4, providing options when power consumption, cost, latency, or upgrade simplification are preferred. The new line of transceivers is another example of how Vitex is keeping pace with customer needs for FTTX
and 5G.

The company will also be featuring passive and active solutions for unique applications and helping broadband providers migrate to 100, 200, 400, or even 800G at OFC, including:

● 100G Bi-Di, the 2023 Lightwave winner for wireless and broadcast networks offering four
25G breakouts

● 100G DAC for short distance LAN and data center applications

● 200G PSM8 transceiver offers eight channels, great for high speed, low latency
applications with maximum flexibility as tunable optics

“It’s an exciting time for us,” said Michael Ko, Vitex Founder and Managing Director. “We’re expanding our portfolio to offer more value and bespoke solutions for our customers and adding talent to expand our service and support. While our team is full of optical experts, our first priority is the customer experience. That’s what makes us special and what keeps people coming back. They see our dedication first-hand.”

Visitors can meet Michael and Rakesh and get a hands-on look at the new solutions in exhibit 2246 from March 26-28, 2024 at the OFC Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, CA.

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