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WDM Technologies : Thin Film Filters vs Arrayed Waveguide Gratings

rainbow spectrum in a box
Optical multiplexers (muxes) and demultiplexers (demuxes) form the foundation of DWDM networks deployed by the telecommunications industry. In addition to their use at terminal points, mux/demux components are also used as building blocks of advanced network elements such as optical add/drop multiplexers (OADMs) and optical-crossconnect switches. This post talks about different mux technologies currently used[...]
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Silicon Photonics

vertical columns of 1's and 0's all morphing with a blue background with white lines interconnecting
Silicon photonics has been getting much interest lately. In simple terms, silicon photonics is building advanced optical components with silicon materials and related CMOS manufacturing technology. Datacom is by the far the most important application for silicon photonics. Other emerging applications include gas/chemical sensors, circuit-level interconnects, video connectivity devices, and automotive lidars. Traditionally optical components have[...]
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