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Increasing demands for data on-the-go are putting strain on mobile networks worldwide. Networks need to upgrade continually to meet ever-growing bandwidth requirements. Fiber optic modules form an integral part of these cellular wireless networks.

The Challenge

A global leader in network testing was having trouble securing 3.1G SFP modules from their vendors. They had a specific need for CPRI line rate 4 (3.1G). The 3.1G is not a very common data rate, the 2.5G or 5G being more widely used. Their current supplier had EOLed the product and there was an urgent need for the customer to find a solution in a short time.

Large fiber optic suppliers are increasingly moving away from low-speed modules despite the demand. Custom solutions and low-speed optics are deemed low margin and thus unprofitable by these bigger suppliers.

The Solution

Vitex transceivers

When the customer turned to Vitex, the product team studied the technical specifications and offered the right solution by leveraging our wide pre-qualified network of partners. Vitex was able to secure samples right away and put them in the hands of the customer for testing and validation. This allowed them to quickly qualify the 3.1G transceiver avoiding serious and costly disruption in operations. The end-to-end process from customer request, product identification, sample testing through delivery took just 6 weeks.

The Outcome

The Hardware Engineering Manager at the customer facility was delighted by Vitex’s technical expertise and logistic capabilities, “Vitex was very responsive and worked with us to secure inventory”, he stated.

With many manufacturers focusing on 40G, 100G, and higher rates, lower rate transceivers are getting harder to source. By moving fast, Vitex was able to source this unique product for the customer enabling them to continue deployments without disruption.

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