LDP DisplayPort Extender Series FAQs

LDP Series DisplayPort Extenders over fiber offer unmatched picture clarity at 8K resolution. They are ideally suited for commercial AV and medical applications or any other use cases where crystal clear images are required.

  1. What is the resolution?
    A: Max resolution is 8K x 4K (with 4:2:0 or VESA Display Stream Compression), 5K @30Hz or 4K @60Hz (without compression).
  2. What is the frame rate?
    A: With the data rate of 21.6 Gb/s per channel, LDP series DisplayPort extenders can support 1080p @240Hz. For other supported resolutions and frame rates, please contact sales@vitextech.com.
  3. Is there a need for an external power source or AC? How does the unit get power?
    A: There is no need for external power. The LDP series DisplayPort extenders draw power from the attached devices on each end via DP_PWR pins. If the devices are DisplayPort-compliant, they should provide enough power.
  4. Is the fiber optic cable single mode?
    A: LDP series uses industry-standard multimode MPO-connector fiber cables.
  5. We will have many locations where the cables hit a junction box before going to the monitors. Is there a panel mounted kind of connector like a standard keystone knock out connector?
    A: We offer an option keystone wall plate.
  6. Where do I buy the product? Do you have distributors?
    A: You can purchase the products directly from us. To get a quote, send an email to sales@vitextech.com.
  7. Will it work with my specific set up?
    A: We have tested LDP-201 and LDP-301 successfully with many different monitors and sources in the market. However, we understand that every set up is different. You can contact us at sales@vitextech.com to purchase a sample for testing.
  8. Are these TAA Compliant?
    A: LDP DisplayPort Extenders are currently manufactured in China, which is not a TAA Compliant country.
  9. What certifications do they have?
    A: These products are RoHS3 compliant (2011/65/EU+2015/863) and are FCC and UL certified. Plus LDP-201 is certified for medical imaging applications and compliant with IEC/EN 60601-1 and IEC/EN 60601-1-2.

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