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Fiber optic customization has many variations and Vitex offers options to suit.

Product orders, small to large, can be modified in one or multiple ways to satisfy proprietary design protection, develop unique products, create unified branding and ensure continued performance with genuine replacement parts.

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Custom Development

For non-standard and proprietary applications, explore custom-developed components. The Vitex team works with your product designers and engineers to create the fiber optic transceiver, cable or other components that works best for your device or network.


White Label/Custom Label Fiber Optic Products

Now that your spec’ed-in fiber optic component, cable or transceiver has been approved for production, Vitex offers custom white labeling and non-identifiable part numbers to protect your brand, increase trust in your device and create a valuable secondary market for replacement parts.


Custom EEPROM Programming

Transceiver EEPROMs control all aspects of transceiver performance and compatibility. Vitex can program and verify custom EEPROM programming to ensure proper data handshaking, compatibility and communication. With verified vendor lock-in EEPROM programming, your OEM switches will detect when a third-party transceiver is installed and block it from working with your device.


Custom Packaging

Quickly and accurately keep stock in hand and ready-to ship with custom packaging. Vitex can pack or repack your transceiver orders in custom quantities, custom trays and cartons to support your product management, purchasing, inventory and product support teams.


Drop Ship Services

Vitex drop ships to any location on demand and provide full tracking so that you’ll have parts and pieces when and where you need them. For International locations, we’ll follow export guidelines as established by the US Federal government.

Custom Quantities

Custom Quantities

Our customers are often limited by smaller quantities and smaller markets. We can help with that. All our customization services can be designed to meet your needs. And, if you have a new idea for customization, let us know!

We aim to be the fiber optic expert extension of your product development, engineering and procurement departments.

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