A financial-industry services provider center needed a custom DAC for its data center

A data center manager sought a DAC breakout solution to connect a 100G port to two 25G ports

Due to the customer’s confidentiality rules, Vitex was brought on to a blind data center development project. The customer’s engineer wanted a substitute for a 100G DAC breakout that he was to connect two 25G devices.


Customer Profile

American financial markets are known for their depth, diversity and global influence, encompassing a wide range of assets and investment opportunities. The vast majority of investing and banking decisions are made based on the array of financial software, tools, applications and news feeds that our client is providing to them. The client owns its own data center infrastructure to house their services, broadcasts and archives.

The Challenges

While network data structure is not typically under tight security restrictions, this product development project was a hardware solution design that came with minimal context. The client’s IT department was currently purchasing 100G breakout direct attach cables and literally cutting two unneeded legs off. Could Vitex develop a 50G to 2x 25G DAC that would plug into existing 100G ports? Functionality would remain unchanged but scissors would no longer be required.



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100G QSFP28 to 4x 25G SFP28 DAC

The Solution

Working with the data center engineer, the Vitex team knew that the DAC had to go a short distance (less than 100 meters), have low latency, be unpowered and be very, very low cost. Typically, a 100G DAC breakout has four active QSFP lanes of 25G apiece. Within weeks, Vitex engineers designed a 50G DAC with only two active 25G lanes that successfully worked in the 100G ports of the client’s equipment.

The Results

Atypical requests are often the initial project that Vitex tackles for new customers. In addition to standard commodity fiber optic equipment, our engineers enjoy solving problems that are complex and as straightforward as reducing capacity to meet a specific wiring requirement. Blind projects add their own complexity. In these situations, we cannot suggest a more efficient product or development alternative without knowing the hardware, purpose and context.

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