First ever 100G parallel BiDi by Vitex honored by 2023 Lightwave Innovation Reviews

Single-fiber breakout cable is designed for 5G applications

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, February 8, 2023 — Vitex LLC, a customer-first supplier of superior quality, specialized fiber optic and connectivity products, announced today that its 100G to 4x25G bi-directional AOC was recognized among the best by the 2023 Lightwave Innovation Reviews. Lightwave’s distinguished panel of expert judges from the optical communications community recognized Vitex as a high-scoring honoree for an “excellent product with technical features and performance that provides clear and substantial benefits”. The Vitex 100G parallel 4-lane BiDi QSFP28 received a score of 4.0 in the Lightwave category of Optical Transceivers and Transponders.

“On behalf of the Lightwave Innovation Reviews, I would like to congratulate Vitex on their high-scoring honoree status,” said Lightwave Editorial Director, Stephen Hardy. “This competitive program allows Lightwave to celebrate and recognize the most innovative products impacting the optical communications community this year.”

The 100G to 4x25G bi-directional AOC provides a unique solution that allows a 100G port to breakout to 4x 25G LC connections, where each 25G connection is a single fiber. The QSFP28 device contains 4 optical engines, each of which is a 25G-BiDi transmitting at 1270 nm and receiving at 1330 nm. The interface to fiber fronthaul infrastructure is provided with 4x single-fiber pigtails.

Vitex’s new AOC technology development enables 5G telecom operators to:

  • double their existing fronthaul fiber capacity
  • provide 25G bi-directional connectivity over a single fiber
  • deploy 25G BiDis to denser 100G routers
  • rely on interoperability with off-the-shelf SFP-28s

View the 100G parallel BiDi breakout AOC >

“With 5G growth, watercooler rumblings and technical articles are calling for more and more cable needs. Vitex has designed this single fiber breakout cable specifically to address this installation challenge,” observes Rakesh Sambaraju, Director of Sales and Product Development at Vitex. “The new 100G bi-directional breakout cable at 25G will double the capacity of installed fiber and speed up installations so that operators can rollout new 5G market deployment faster. We’re excited that the Lightwave judges could see the innovation in our design and the impact to the 5G telecom marketplace.”

The new Vitex 100G BiDi transceiver and breakout AOC, developed by utilizing advanced manufacturing capabilities of ColorChip, will be on display at OFC 2023 Booth 2600. The product will be featured on Lightwave’s website under “Innovation Reviews”. Detailed information and sample requests are available at

About Vitex LLC

Vitex LLC, founded in 2003, is a solution provider specializing in optical transceivers and video extenders for fiber optic communication and connectivity. Headquartered in New Jersey, Vitex develops innovative, high-performance optical solutions to customers in telecom, military, medical, and other industries. The company’s skilled staff of highly trained engineers are knowledgeable and discerning about new product offerings and can provide US-based technical advice and solutions customized to business needs.

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