A government contractor seeks specialized-performance transceivers for a top-secret project

Vitex engineers worked closely with the client’s knowledgeable staff to successfully develop an unknown product that required confidentiality

In an unusual circumstance, Vitex engineers worked with a government defense and aerospace contractor to design and build a specialized transceiver while the end product was confidential and unknown to Vitex engineers. Collaborating closely with the client’s extremely knowledgeable electronics engineer, the Vitex team successfully developed a product that, apparently, functions as specified making their optical engineers very happy.


Customer Profile

As an American aerospace and defense company that specializes in military technology and weapons manufacturing, this particular customer has exacting standards: life-dependent decisions depend on equipment performance. Many of their designed, manufactured and supported advanced products utilize fiber optic technology for relaying data quickly and reliably.

The Challenges

When it comes to new or unique fiber-based projects, the Vitex team “plugs in” to the application context to understand and recommend products for performance or customization. Follow-up samples and the testing process for experimental projects often rely on our optical expertise and the value it brings to the development team.

Due to the top-secret status of this project and the client’s overall business model, we had no idea what the application was. What we did know was that the photo receiver of the 200G QSFP-DD PSM8 transceiver had to be +3dB more attentive (sensitive) than typical (-26dB).



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200G QSFP-DD PSM8 transceiver

The Solution

By collaborating closely with the knowledgeable client engineer and responding rapidly to questions and requests (primarily through email correspondence), the Vitex team successfully tailored an existing product, resulting in the enhanced 200G QSFP-DD PSM8 transceiver. The entire development project was achieved within a remarkably swift development timeline of just three to four months. This rapid progress pleasantly surprised the customer and provided Vitex with an opportunity to showcase its solution-oriented approach in action.

The Results

While we have no idea what the client’s end product does or its success rate (and undoubtedly never will), the client’s engineering team is incredibly pleased with the product results and the novel pleasure of working with Vitex to rapidly develop a customized solution.

“I appreciate your and Vitex’s responsiveness to our questions. It has been miles easier to work with you than other US-based transceiver companies.”

— Sr. Principal Electronics Engineer

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