How onsite lab testing resolves SFP connection concerns

Vitex techs often describe themselves as engineers who like to play with optical products and solve problems with fiber. As a solutions provider for a wide range of industries wireless networks including 5G and rural broadband, data centers, military, medical and high speed computing, our team resolves client fiber optic application conundrums in one of three ways:

  • Pinpoint the perfect optical product, or
  • Customize an existing product, or
  • Develop a completely new product or specialized product variation.

For each option, understanding the criteria, context and application are imperative to providing THE optimal solution. And, sometimes, our product or setup recommendation requires yet another step: prove it.

That’s why Vitex has a professional, in-house lab.

What are the benefits of an onsite fiber test lab?

If Vitex offers optimal optical quality with the support of optical engineers, what is the need for optical testing of SFPs and QSFPs?

1) Quality control

Fiber connections and networks can be extremely complex with varying environmental conditions and installers. Spot-checking or complete shipment checking as products arrive from our overseas manufacturing sites is an essential step in monitoring and maintaining quality standards. Testing power, wavelength, traffic and performance of transceivers, AOCs, DACs, AECs, video extenders and more for reliability, stability and compatibility nips an installation problem at the root.

2) Product development tool

As transceivers and AOCs are developed, the Vitex lab develops simulations that mimic the application and eventual field conditions to ensure that the product is fulfilling its function. Often our lab testing is parallel to client testing. The development and testing teams share iterative test performance data to build a final, specialized product.

“I appreciate your and Vitex’s responsiveness to our questions. It has been miles easier to work with you than other US-based transceiver companies.”

Senior Principal Electronics Engineer
Leading space, aeronautics, defense and cyberspace manufacturer

3) Customization verification

The Vitex lab tests the customization of EEPROM (electronically erasable programmable read-only memory) for proprietary or custom applications.

4) Off-use product verification

Because we’re engineering-based throughout our sales process, it’s not unheard of for Vitex to recommend an optical solution that may not be known or considered by the client. In these situations, our in-house lab can set up a simulation to test a product’s performance for a specific, non-typical application.

Case Study: How the Vitex onsite lab validated the performance of a 200G QSFP-DD 8x 25G breakout AOC at 10G >

5) Troubleshooting

It’s happened twice in twenty years: a thoroughly tested and verified optical product has a puzzling field performance problem. In addition to the stakeholder conference calls and engineering conversations and our customer’s lab testing, testing at the manufacturing site, the Vitex lab is a critical part of the high pressure, time-sensitive problem-solving process.

Case Study: How Vitex helped a manufacturer resolve mysterious DisplayPort™ system failures with testing, transparency and a product redesign >

6) Faster results

With access to in-house equipment, results and answers are available quickly. With almost instant feedback and information, Vitex can make recommendations to product design, bring products to market faster and add more value to internal engineering teams.

7) Versatility and customization

Sending custom or in-development modules to an outside lab for testing and validation can result in delays and difficulties finding the right type of lab. Vitex’s optical engineering depth paired with an in-house lab often results in flexible, immediate testing setups to get even preliminary data to act on.

Vitex is committed to quality

The world depends on a robust fiber infrastructure to process information via wireless networks including 5G, data centers and fiber to the X (FTTx). Immediate, rapid fiber testing during development, before implementation and, in the rare case of field failure, detects potential problems, diagnoses faults and ensures maximum process efficiency and application reliability.

And our lab can prove it.

I have never experienced a quality problem with anything from Vitex. Inquiries are answered promptly and accurately. I can rely on what Vitex tells me.

Director, Product Lifecycle Management
Tier 1 communication network company

About Vitex

At Vitex, we’re committed to providing high performance optical solutions that solve everyday and unusual fiber situations. For more information about Vitex solutions and our onsite test lab, talk to a fiber expert >


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