Swiftly supplying a crucial optical part to replace an unexpected EOL notification

How Vitex helped an OEM quickly substitute a discontinued transceiver and avoid a dire product development and customer support situation

When a global network test equipment manufacturer needed a fast and 100% compliant replacement of an obsolete and uncommon transceiver, Vitex supplied the hard-to-find, in-spec and low speed product right away.

Customer Profile

A Tier 1 manufacturer of network testing and monitoring equipment and solutions, the client is a recognized innovator known for their exceptional customer satisfaction and retention across the global enterprise communications market. Their products utilize both low-speed and high-speed optical transceivers to fully support a range of older and newer testing equipment.

The Challenge

An unexpected EOL notice for a 2.5G SONET (LR1) SFP transceiver put the network equipment provider in a vulnerable and potentially dire position. Without the critical 2.5G module, support for existing systems would be impossible. With many optical manufacturers focusing on 40G, 100G and higher rates, lower rate transceivers are getting harder to source and subject to product discontinuation notices (PDNs). 

Faced with an obsolete part problem that could become a significant customer support disaster, the network OEM turned to Vitex to quickly provide a very specific 2.5G SFP module – an uncommon data rate (2.5G or 5G being more widely used).



Test Equipment Manufacturing


EOL/PDN Notice
Uncommon Transceiver Specification
Urgent Need


US-based Support
Low-speed Transceivers
Drop Shipping


3.1G Optical Transceiver
10G SFP+ Ethernet Transceiver
40G QSFP+ Transceiver
100G QSFP28 Transceiver

The Solution

Already a supplier of high-speed and specialized transceivers to the client, Vitex understood the urgency of the situation and the client’s exacting adherence to both compliance and performance. With both Vitex and client solutions teams on the East Coast, the engineering and operations personnel were able to work rapidly to define the technical specification and understand the application. As a result, Vitex engineers identified the right 2.5G transceiver solution and immediately supplied samples for testing. After thorough client testing and validation, the replacement 2.5G transceivers were qualified for production.

The Outcomes

The entire process, from initial customer request to product delivery, took just six weeks. With the mutual rapport and responsiveness between the teams, Vitex supplied exactly what the manufacturer needed to completely avoid a major market disruption. Additionally, Vitex ensured that the new products included well-documented compliance information and products were drop shipped directly to the client’s international manufacturing plant.

“Vitex was very responsive and worked with us to secure inventory.”

Hardware Engineering Manager

In need of EOL, PDN or hard-to-find optical products? Check with Vitex to see if we can support your needs. Contact us at info@vitextech.com

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