Unleashing the power of AV over IP: a switch solution that met every MSA requirement

How an AV industry giant enhanced performance and overcame integration challenges with a customized network solution from Vitex

Here’s how Vitex developed a customized transceiver with hands-on product engineering, custom packaging and product white labeling to meet the client’s stringent performance demands of a new broadcasting platform

Customer Profile

A premiere manufacturer and distributor of audio visual (AV) automation and integration equipment, our customer produces systems designed for commercial markets and high-end, “smart home” residential and marine applications. Their sophisticated and automated systems can control lighting, shades, scheduling, large-scale video conferencing and full enterprise networks for meeting spaces, conference rooms, classrooms and auditoriums in business, government, hospitality, event spaces and education. For all their markets and products, the company’s commitment to innovation, quality and security does not waver.

The Challenge

As the AV industry began a shift to “AV over IP” (internet protocol) in the early 2000s, our customer was reliant on a proprietary triplexer solution for their switches. However, the wavelengths of these switches (1310nm, 1490nm, and 1550nm) were no longer practical and the switches relied on a standard multimode fiber. Our customer’s engineers were stuck creating a custom fiber for signal transportation which created multiple troubleshooting challenges. The unnecessary and delaying problems were exacerbated by their current vendor’s lack of support.



Pro AV (Professional Audio Visual)


Vendor Support
Stringent Requirements
Custom Packaging
White Labeling


US-based Product Development
US-based Tech Support (Tier 1)
EEPROM Optimization
High-Temp Transceivers
Label and Packaging Customization


1G Transceivers (Single Mode & Multimode)
10G SFP+ Transceivers
10G SFP+ BiDi Transceivers

In 2016, our customer’s engineers finally developed a cost-effective platform for handling 4K signals by replacing the proprietary triplexer solution with a more conventional pluggable transceiver alternative. By using 1G transceivers in their network switches, the customer’s AV systems were able to provide a high-quality customer experience with low demands on their engineering that was also lower cost to produce. The only missing part of production was a provider of optical transceivers that met their standard for quality, expertise and ongoing support.

Members of the AV customer’s engineering team had previous positive experience working with Vitex. So, we were approached to find the best solution to their system requirements as part of a Multi-Source Agreement (MSA):

The Solution

The customer had found the perfect vendor as Vitex is known for sourcing superior quality optical products and developing customized solutions. For this global AV client, Vitex created custom packaging and white labeled products that fit seamlessly into the customer’s procurement and inventory system. Additionally, Vitex was able to develop the perfect 1G, high temp transceiver (TRX) with the required larger eye quality to reduce the likelihood of network errors. The MSA had been satisfied without a hitch.

The Outcome

In the eight years since the original 1G TRX purchase order, this AV equipment OEM has purchased and deployed over 16,000 Vitex optical transceivers at 1.25G and 10G), HDMI AOCs (active optical cables), specialized components and various customization requests. All without failure and new products that include Vitex’s optical modules are in development.

For best-in-class transceivers, specialized product development and custom fiber optic solutions, contact us at info@vitextech.com

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