CSP and ISP providers rely on fiber optic product performance, interoperability and availability to create optimized, efficient and innovative networks

The fiber optic backbone of cellular networks requires continuous investment to deliver new realities. Operators moving to 5G or expanding to newer services can stay competitive and efficient innovative, cost-effective and dependable fiber solutions from Vitex.

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100g Data center lightwave

Less fiber. More 5G.

The Vitex 100G QSFP28 to 4x Simplex LC Bi-Directional Breakout AOC is a fiber-saving, space-saving solution for telecoms who are upgrading towers to 5G. Instead of two fibers, one for transmit and another for receive, the single BiDi fiber requires just one port.

Recognized by Lightwave with a 2023 Innovation Award, each 100G 4x Simplex LC BiDi breakout cuts reuses existing fibers from previous wireless technology generations while port density in half. A simple way to get more 5G with less fiber! 

200g sr8 breakout aoc

Solution Focus

Why 200G-SR8 is a solution designed for (everyone)

200G is fast replacing 100G as the capacity target for long haul networks. 200G AOCs are a flexible cable-based solution that quickly and easily aggregates 200G QSFP-DD from existing broadband infrastructure at 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G. Essentially, whatever is in place already. For systems engineers looking for network upgrade solutions, the 8 lanes of 200G AOCs, available as single cable and 2x or 8x breakout, can be the architectural backbone for connecting networks to existing low speed equipment.

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Harsh environments demand reliable outdoor-rated products

Salt, sand, heat, cold and moisture. From Alaska to Arizona, weather and exposure play a huge part in fiber optic selection and network reliability. That’s why environmental ratings matter — especially for workhorse products in the field.

Vitex understands that confidence in your network (no matter what the weatherman says), is vital to support connectivity from the core, through the edge and to the last mile. Vitex fiber optic products are available in a wide variety of ratings, including commercial, industrial and extended, with samples that you can test for verification and interoperability.

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Common Fiber Optic Components for Telecom


Pluggable, optical transceiver modules
(QSFP, CFPx, and SFPx)


AOC and DAC cable assemblies with multiple components, including optical transceiver (QSFP or SFP) attached to each end


AOC and DAC assemblies replace patch cords and pluggables for short-distance, high-performance computing


Long-distance cables including those for hard environments, like ZR4

wires in server center

Is single lambda your key to higher capacity?

For network operators looking to reduce both purchasing and operational costs, 100G single lambda transceivers use PAM4 signaling and powerful DSP to rapidly and reliably transmit huge data streams on a single wavelength. Additionally, single lambda modules enable a smooth transition from existing equipment to newer technology and higher speeds.

Single lambda optics are well-suited for high-bandwidth and low-latency applications including data center interconnects, long haul, metro networks and telecommunications networks including 5G cellular that support live event streaming, AR/VR (augmented reality/virtual reality), online gaming and telemedicine, cloud and high-performance computing (HPC or HSC).

New Product

Understanding 400G AOCs for upgrading your network

400G DAC badge

Cost cutting, short distance 400G DAC solutions for telcos

Perfect for short-range distances, 400G direct attach cables (DACs) are cost effective for interconnecting racks and switches for telecom operators and data center interconnects (DCIs). Manufactured from passive copper cable, 400G QSFP-DD DACs reach up to 3m and are a highly cost-effective port connectivity option.

400G QSFP-DD Breakout DACs are available for network connections of 2x 200G, 4x 100G and 8x 50G using PAM4 electrical lanes for bandwidth efficiency. When cost is the primary objective for interconnects and weight, bend radius and electrical current aren’t a factor, 400G DACs offer significant savings when compared to a similar 400G AOC.

Go “Z” extended distance

The extended speed and capacity of 5G and future, high-performing cellular networks are weighted by a shortened signal range. An underutilized, single solution for long distance data transmission is the i-temp 100G QSFP28 ZR4 transceiver. Available in 40km, 80km and soon 100km distances, the Vitex 100G ZR4 offers an elegant point-to-point interconnect for a long haul, middle mile solution.

Whether you’re connecting Toledo to Detroit or another long distance challenge, talk to a Vitex application specialist about the long range 100G ZR4 transceiver.

100g 1310 NM

Application Note

Don’t lag in technology adoption: CDR-based 400G QSFP-DD AOC cut latency, costs and power (a lot)

cdr cable

Product plus technical help

If you’re a fiber optic expert (or not), the Vitex support team is your technical backup plan. We’re here to quickly respond to application questions, customization requests and technical specifications so that you select the right transceivers, cables, AOCs, AECs and DACs.

Whether you’re wrestling with a fronthaul vs backhaul application, 4G or 5G (or something else) Vitex has fiber optic options for you. And the support to back you up.

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Success Story

Supply chain solution: An ordinary request to find an out-of-the-ordinary transceiver

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We supply fiber optics the way you want it

Vendor standardization is a thing. It’s designed to ensure compatibility, interoperability and easier inventory management. But sometimes the supply chain isn’t cooperative and backups are suddenly in demand.

Vitex specializes in ensuring that our clients have the right products in hand – as they are needed. How? Instead of the limitations of a single source, Vitex has multiple manufacturing hubs to ensure availability and diversity in fiber optic products.

And, our stellar customer service keeps you informed of product order options and status – as it happens. Read why supplier customer service is essential for supply chain management.

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