HPC clusters rely on high performance optical products

Fast, reliable and efficient fiber networks transmit data within and between a supercomputer’s groups of interconnected computers or nodes. Vitex offers optical solutions to support high computational power without lag or failure.

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Simplifying Complex Decisions

Purchasing optical parts for High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems can be a complex process. With Vitex as a partner supplier and an optical applications expert, selecting optical parts for maximum reliability, performance and value is that much easier (and stress-free). We’re here to provide insights, answer questions and help you make informed decisions about fiber optic optimization.

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Super high density QSFP-DD for super high performance

If you’re working with high performance computing, you’re looking at QSFP-DD modules because you’re maxing out bandwidth, scalability, efficiency and reliability to support those computational workloads.

Vitex adds more. It’s hardware plus experienced, knowledgeable applications engineering so that you can max out data transmission performance without blowing your budget (or losing your mind). We’re here to help because we’re all about the subtleties and considerations of QSFP-DD that transform an ordinary optical module into the optimal solution:

  • High data rates – 100G, 200G, 400G and 800G
  • DSP-free solutions
  • Scalability so that you can expand (because you will)
  • High port density to connect more using less space
  • Energy Efficiency (it’s all about creating less heat)
  • Versatility with options including single-mode, multi-mode, fiber, copper, modulation…
  • Future-proofing so that HPC clusters can keep up with computational demand
  • Backwards compatibility to communicate with QSFP28, QSFP56 and QSFP+ form factors
  • Reliability (ask about our in-house lab)
  • Ultra-low latency to create as close to just-in-time results
  • Interoperability to work with the equipment that’s in place

QSFP-DD modules are highly desirable and it’s a crowded market with high variability in features, reliability and support. Selecting the right one is easier with Vitex at your side.

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Tech Focus

Low Latency: why and when it matters


Lightning-fast data transmission with 200G AOCs!

When connections are short and space is tight, the pre-assembled form factor of active optical cables can replace transceivers-plus-cabling and offer additional significant advantages:

  • Super high data rates for connecting servers and switches within clusters
  • Supports proprietary nonstandard data rates
  • Super low latency
  • Scalability
  • Incredibly space efficient due to compact size and flexible cable
  • Plug-and-play deployment
  • High bandwidth for large data volumes
  • EMI immunity
  • Energy efficient to reduce cooling costs
  • Flexible deployment for short and medium-distances
  • High speed – 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G and 200G
  • Breakout options for connecting devices of different speeds

Overall, AOCs are a valuable optical interconnect solution in HPC clusters and computing environments where high-speed, low-latency, and high-bandwidth data transmission are essential for meeting the demands of data-intensive and computationally complex tasks.

Product Focus

Cables are cables. Right?

Rethink a commodity item that can be either a data autobahn or a frustrating traffic jam.

Creating networks, one connection at a time

Vitex offers products that include the expertise of an applications engineer. And that’s why our customers are so enthusiastic about tapping our knowledge. Our optical engineering team carefully evaluates the unique needs of each network application to craft optical systems that provide the required performance, reliability and efficiency.

Your responsibility is to know your product or system and its performance criteria. Our role is to gain enough understanding of your application to recommend the optimal optical solution. And alternatives. Considerations include wavelength range, distance, data rate and capacity, environmental conditions, signal quality, power budget, compatibility, future planning, security, interoperability, compliance and, naturally, cost.

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Customization options for specific needs

Off the shelf doesn’t fit every project. Fiber optic transceivers, fiber connectors, cables, AOCs and more can be customized and optimized for your applications and your installations.


EEPROM programming


Full product development


Preconfigured lengths with optical connectors of your choice, including connectors and adapters like LC, MTP and more


Installation-ease assemblies composed of a transceiver and a receiver with fiber cable pigtails to easily connect to an already-run cable

We’re here to help

Conveniently located in NJ, the Vitex support staff are available by both phone or email so that we can quickly respond to your application questions, customization requests and technical specifications.

It’s not just a helpful fiber pro at your fingertips, transceiver, fiber cable and AOC samples are available for thorough testing and qualification. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with every purchase!

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