Reliable network management and performance rests on the confidence
of using superior optical products

Maintaining predictable operating expenses is a priority for high performance network providers and protectors. The exceptional quality of Vitex optical products can be credited to our unwavering standards of reliability, compatibility, performance, and availability.

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Transceiver traffic management

Network monitoring systems utilize transceivers to efficiently handle high data volumes and ensure real-time analysis of network traffic. Vitex SFP and QSFP modules transceivers, available in 10G, 40G, 100G, 200G and 400G, are crucial for monitoring network backbones, future-proofing and supporting data centers and high-bandwidth applications. Our transceivers, fiber optic cables (single mode and multi-mode) and patch cables are manufactured to the highest specification to provide comprehensive visibility, redundancy and efficient data capture.

If your network monitoring system is protecting the network, Vitex optical products are protecting your system.

Transcend ordinary transceivers to achieve extraordinary performance

Your network monitoring and security systems are composed of hardware, software and subsystems that work together to monitor, manage and analyze performance and security. Why rely on lesser-than transceivers to (not) capture, transmit and analyze network traffic data?

If you’re suffering from data loss or corruption, reduced performance, blind spots, unexpected downtime, inaccurate data and high replacement frequency, perhaps it’s time to consider an alternative? The way we see it, an optimal transceiver isn’t just essential to overall system performance. The complete disappearance of repetitive, annoying and costly problems is the true value of quality.

Success Story

How a leader in global Wireless Network Monitoring eliminated supply chain and quality issues with a fiber optic transceiver from a new supplier

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Shorten the distance to Network Monitoring excellence with AOCs!

When connections are short and space is tight, active optical cables can replace transceivers and cabling and offer significant advantages:

  • Cost effective
  • High bandwidth
  • Compact and flexible when space is limited
  • Super low latency
  • EMI immunity
  • Plug-and-play deployment
  • High speed: 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G and 200G
  • Breakout options for connecting devices of different speeds

It’s essential to carefully assess your network monitoring system’s needs, including data rates, distance, compatibility and latency requirements when considering AOCs. Let a Vitex application engineer connect you to the perfect AOC solution.

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Tech Focus

Low Latency: why and when it matters

Creating networks, one connection at a time

Vitex offers products that include the expertise of an applications engineer. And that’s why our customers are so enthusiastic about tapping our knowledge. Our optical engineering team carefully evaluates the unique needs of each network application to craft optical systems that provide the required performance, reliability and efficiency. 

Your responsibility is to know your product or system and its performance criteria. Our role is to gain enough understanding of your application to recommend the optimal optical solution. And alternatives. Considerations include wavelength range, distance, data rate and capacity, environmental conditions, signal quality, power budget, compatibility, future planning, security, interoperability, compliance and, naturally, cost.

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Customization options for specific needs

Off the shelf doesn’t fit every project. Fiber optic transceivers, fiber connectors, cables, AOCs and more can be customized and optimized for your applications and your installations.


EEPROM programming


Full product development


Preconfigured lengths with connectors of your choice


Installation-ease assemblies composed of a transceiver and a receiver with fiber cable pigtails to easily connect to an already-run cable 

We’re here to help

Conveniently located in NJ, the Vitex support staff are available by both phone or email so that we can quickly respond to your application questions, customization requests and technical specifications.

It’s not just a helpful fiber pro at your fingertips, transceiver, fiber cable and AOC samples are available for thorough testing and qualification. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with every purchase!

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