Integrated fiber optic solutions for high definition broadcasting and Pro AV over IP networks require high bandwidth, lossless imaging and ultra-low latency

Vitex provides fiber solutions for the most demanding commercial AV applications including digital entertainment, broadcast studios, hospitals, professional gaming, live streaming, military and defense, data centers, control rooms, conference centers, schools, training environments and surveillance. If you’re building a fiber infrastructure and are looking for the most robust, reliable interconnects, talk to Vitex.

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When high bandwidth, high-resolution video and consistently high performance are imperative for an audio and visual communications network, fiber optic networks and connectors take the heat off copper alternatives.

Vitex works with system integrators, pro audiovisual specialists, AV and IT technicians and facilities managers to create and supply the industrial- and commercial-grade transceivers, cables and video extenders that are designed for performance, longevity and speed.

Vitex Pro AV and broadcast solutions make the experience of creating the experience smooth.

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Supplying you with a competitive edge

Fiber optics offer greater bandwidth, higher speed and reliability, and infinitely better security to deliver consistently high performance… with simpler, smaller and more straightforward installations using common, datacom-proven technology:

Fiber optic solutions from Vitex create a seamless, uninterrupted network and video experience. And our applications engineers can help you find the optimal combination.

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Why install fiber optic (instead of copper)?

For uncompressed, crystal clear video and continuous signal transmission without error or degradation, professional-grade fiber optics are manufactured and integrated to suit the application. When distance, bandwidth and speed are strangled by the limitations of copper cable, fiber optics offers the reliability and situational flexibility to suit difficult and every day work environments.

Fiber optic installation benefits include:

  • Thinner, lighter cables take up (far) less space in tight wireways or cabinets
  • Transmit longer distance (100m+) for malls, large buildings and campuses
  • Tighter bend radius for wireways, equipment and cabinets
  • High security as fiber cables can’t be spliced or tapped remotely
  • No EMI or RFI interference
  • High safety as fiber cannot catch fire
  • TAA-compliant options
  • Medically-rated options
  • Wide range of customization options
  • Won’t corrode in coastal environments
  • Won’t conduct electricity (lightning strikes) in storm-prone areas
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Industries that have no time for AV downtime

For streaming events, life and safety-critical hospital and defense operations, broadcasting and other industries that rely on professional-grade data, audio and video networks, consistently superior and reliable pure fiber performance is a must.

Vitex professional grade fiber optic products for are made for long-lasting, demanding AV applications that connect

  • 4k/8k/16k video sources to video displays
  • data sources to networks, displays and the cloud
  • WAN, LAN and MAN networks to specialized equipment and devices

Demanding AV industries work with us instead of general purpose, off-the-shelf, unverified performance substitutes because they require the best.

Vitex has a 20-year track record designing, customizing and supplying specialized pro AV network products. Count on Vitex optical products to reliably connect and transmit/receive on demand. Every day.

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Success Story

A leading Pro AV manufacturer searches for a compact fiber transceiver with performance ratings that exceed MSA standards. And can be customized for field overperformance.

What our Pro AV customers say

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Customization options for specific needs

Fiber optic transceivers, fiber connectors, cables, AOCs and more can be customized and optimized for applications and installations. Customization options include:

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Success Story

An AV installer needed a low-cost, plug-and-play fiber cable option to connect displays throughout a medical campus

AV over IP solutions come with application experts

Pro AV manufacturers, integrators and installers specialize in sound and picture technology. Our expertise is in fiber optics. And we’re application experts – trained to understand how fiber optic products work with OEM Pro AV systems to create a robust communication backbone.

Conveniently located in NJ, the Vitex support staff are available by both phone or email so that we can quickly respond to your application questions, customization requests and technical specifications.

It’s not just a helpful fiber pro at your fingertips, transceiver, fiber cable, AOC, and fiber extender samples are available for thorough testing and qualification. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with every purchase!

Do you have a fiber optic challenge that needs an expert?

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