Rural broadband providers are connecting America by optimizing resources with smart design and purchasing decisions

If your goal is to build more with less while providing your networks the simplest, no-fail connections and components, Vitex can help. Our in-house, US-based engineers provide application guidance and seasoned optical know-how so that network deployment speed and costs, mile after mile, are always manageable.

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Go the (80km) distance with the lab-tested 100G ZR4

If you’re deploying a rural broadband network that must connect a distance equivalent of Spokane, WA to Moscow, ID, an underutilized, single solution for long distance data transmission is the i-temp 100G QSFP28 ZR4 transceiver. The Vitex 100G ZR4 is a practical and smart extended reach solution for 100G Ethernet: small form factor, long distance and low power consumption. Because it’s point-to-point (and USA-tested) for plug-and-play long haul transmission, the 100G QSFP28-ZR4 makes single-mode fiber (SMF) installation quick and easy.

Available in 40km, 80km and soon 100km distances, the Vitex 100G ZR4 offers an elegant point-to-point interconnect for a long haul, middle mile solution. Also available in breakout, i-temp and AOC options.

Got an extended reach challenge? Talk to a Vitex application specialist about the long range 100G ZR4 transceiver. 

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Why 200G optics is a solution designed for (everyone)

200G is fast replacing 100G as the capacity target for rural broadband networks and is a standard option from a wide range of network equipment manufacturers. Vitex 200G AOCs are a flexible cable-based solution that quickly and easily aggregates 200G QSFP-DD from existing broadband infrastructure at 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G. Essentially, whatever is in place already. For systems engineers looking for network upgrade solutions, the 8 lanes of 200G AOCs, available as single cable and x2, x8 breakout, can be the architectural backbone for connecting networks to existing low speed equipment. Vitex suite of 200G single mode optics can provide up to 20km connectivity and offer similar flexibility allowing 25G, 100G and 200G connections.


Breaking Barriers With Next-Gen Tech For Rural Connectivity

Unlock the potential of your rural networks with a powerful and easily scalable solution. Discover the missing piece to your rural broadband infrastructure by downloading the Vitex white paper.

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A simple, clean and cost-effective 100G upgrade solution for existing routers (hint: single lambda)

When you are using existing fiber optic infrastructure and equipment but need to ramp up to 100G, Vitex has a scalable option that beats the price and offers more flexibility than buying a new 100G line card for every router.

Use a single lambda 100G QSFP28 ZR4 DWDM PAM4 80km optical transceiver. Not only does it save over 80% in costs, the off-the-shelf Vitex ZR1 DWDM pluggable allows you to use any 100G capable router channels together. No line card, extra equipment or cabling needed.

Even when integrated into legacy broadband network equipment, the Vitex 100G QSFP ZR4 increases bandwidth with a US lab-tested extended reach up to 80km.

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Vitex offers an extended family of 100G QSFP transceivers designed to solve specific network challenges – short or long distance, breakout, AOC, DAC, i-temp, e-temp or c-temp and TAA compliant.

Vitex application experts fill the gaps to help you create optimal solutions

If you’re developing seemingly impossible rural connectivity solutions for middle mile, last mile or integrating with existing equipment, talk to Vitex. Our sensible optical advisors have the tech knowledge to walk you through your network application so that you are confident with transceivers, fiber cables, AOCs, AECs and DACs that make up your solution. No matter your rural telecom location or challenge, all Vitex products come with optical engineering experts to keep deployment and upkeep friction-free!

Common Fiber Optic Solutions for Rural Broadband


Breakout AOCs for gradual, economical short-distance system upgrades


Last mile or passive optical network (PON optics) to deliver broadband network data to multiple end customers.


Long-distance transceivers including those for harsh environments (temp and humidity)


10G SFP+ ZR for low bandwidth, very extended reach distances


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10G SFP+ ZR optical transceiver for 100km extended reach distances

Expert “SFP” advising from the optical trenches

At Vitex, we specialize in applications. It’s our mission and our purpose to find the best solution for each customer’s situation. Rural broadband is no different. We understand the challenges of budgets, manpower, fiber optic expertise, timing pressure and putting it all together for a pain-free rollout.

That’s why our engineers are in the trenches with you. With experts on staff, we are committed to offering the highest quality with best hedge for future proofing so that your dollar and day are maximized. Whether it’s about SFPs, QSFPs, cables, splitting, upgrades, ports, latency, speed, inventory control, installation ease or anything at all, Vitex is your resource.


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