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Customer profile

The company provides numerous services such as IT design, integration, support and management services to small and mid-size organizations throughout the country in order to support their mission of delivering reliability and operational excellence at an affordable price.

The Challenge

Our customer was contracted to install a scheduling display system in a busy medical office building; once installed, medical doctors and other personal would be able to view the schedules on various monitors throughout the day. There were multiple displays that would be used for scheduling, some of them as much as 100 ft away from the computer that runs the schedules.

The customer considered an interconnect option with HDMI extenders and CAT5 cables because they had experience working with them in past projects. However, according to the product lead, “there was always a worry that these products would fail or not be able to provide sufficient video”.

Thus, the overall challenge was presented: to provide not only a simple and reliable connection, but one that would operate without interruptions.

The Solution

The customer began researching and looking at fiber products such as fiber optic extenders and Active Optical Cables. When they approached Vitex with their requirements, we recommended DisplayPort cables. Detachable fiber optic extenders were also considered, but they were more expensive and would be excessive for this project; they ended up moving forward with Active Optical Cables. Active Optical Cables pose the advantage of being simple to install and maintain, as Active Optical Cables uses a single integrated assembly of connectors and cables, similar to copper cables.

Our customer ultimately decided to go with LBV-O1TD400001, DP 1.4 AOC, which we quickly shipped out a few units for evaluation. We made sure to stay involved with the customer throughout the entire process to ensure their needs were met; when an installer inadvertently damaged one of the cables, we shipped out a replacement immediately to help avoid any project delays.

The Outcome

Much to the customer’s delight and satisfaction, the project was successful and completed on time. Vitex DisplayPort AOCs were commended by the Project Lead, for being a “good product [and] well made”. He further elaborated on his satisfaction by praising Vitex’s “great customer service [and] good price points”, and that “[they] are very happy with it and will definitely use Vitex for upcoming projects”.

In health care environments where reliability and accuracy are key, Vitex DisplayPort solutions deliver peace of mind. If you would like to learn more about our DisplayPort or HDMI products, please contact us.

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