Learn how a 200G Breakout Active Optical Cable is a convenient solution in 5G upgrades

In this 5-minute Vitex Talks white board video, we’re shining a light on one of our latest products. The 200G SR8 QSFP-DD to 8x 25G Duplex LC (an extended-temperature breakout active optical cable) can provide solutions to your 5G upgrading problems in data center and telecom networking applications. When upgrading your cell sites or antennas to 5G services can be a complicated process when not many fibers are available. In this Vitex Talks segment, we’ll explain the capabilities and conveniences of our 200G extended-temperature breakout active optical cable (AOC). With five solutions in one cable, by helping with inventory management, little to no heat generation, low power consumption rates, a breakout cable design, and space-saving design features – the 200G E. T. Breakout AOC might just be the solution to your problems!

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(0:00-0:29) Intro
(0:30-0:45) 5 significant savings in one AOC
(0:46-1:01) Inventory management
(1:02-1:32) Generates little to no heat
(1:33-2:00) Low power consumption & ease of implementation as a phased upgrade
(2:01-2:18) Space saving
(2:19-4:06) Where is this product helpful?
(4:07-4:40) Conclusion

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Hey everyone, this is Craig from Vitex and today we’re going to actually do a product spotlight so we’re going to shine a light on a new product we have that’s a 200G breakout SR8 [QSFP-DD to 8x 25G] duplex LC. So, if you’re in the telecom space, specifically in 5G, this is something that you may want to hear.

5 significant savings in one AOC

So, what are some of the options when using a product like this? Well, when I was growing up, my mother always said, “Hey, why take one thing when you can get five awesome things at the same time?” So, this product actually brings in five great significant savings all in one cable.

Inventory management

So, the first part is because it’s an AOC, it helps with inventory management, we don’t have to worry about a transceiver and our different breakout cables handling all that inventory getting things mixed up, maybe parts in wrong areas where we need them. So, it’s all in one spot so the management is a lot easier.

Generates little to no heat

The second thing is it generates little to no heat, you know, having SFP connections and using them in your patch panel with an AOC is really great on cost savings and because of our different transceivers and how they operate in outside, outdoor environments, you can use it in a non-AC type way. So that’s great for some of the different co-location and radio head setups we’re going to talk about in a minute.

Low power consumption & ease of implementation as a phased upgrade

The third one is the power consumption is really low so that’s going to help on your utility costs, bring your overall management costs down. The fourth one is that because it’s a breakout solution it allows you to do a phased maintenance upgrade, right? You don’t have to swap everything all at once. You can still use some of your 25G components as you’re upgrading things in your mid-haul area…

Space saving

And the fifth one is the space savings. So, because we offer custom length, you can really get what’s needed for you, so inside your patch panel setup inside your fiber junction box, you won’t have all this extra cable that’s, you know, just taking up space because you can order what you really need.

Where is this product helpful?

So, let’s look at two of the configurations when this is really helpful. So, the first one we’re looking at a telecom environment where we’re operating primarily in 5G with different radio heads. And so, this is a co-located setup where our DU is on-site so it’s real close to our fronthaul connection. So, we would be using this connection at our DU to connect into our fiber junction box area. And then from there we would be able to connect through our junction box to all of the different radio heads. And so having eight different connections allows us to really spread out and save on these five areas that we talked about.

So, the second one is, you know, we’re talking about a hoteling concept. So, this is when the DU is more off-site so it’s centrally located. In this area, you know, we’re really not going to have as much external equipment. We would be doing things more inside. So, this is also can be great to use for indoor environments. Here we were connecting the same way the DU out to our patch panel and then through our external fiber box. You know, maybe you have some type of trunk cable in between here that will connect these two up. And then your fiber box to all your radio heads, those are connected in the same ways they are now.

So if we just kind of look at like, what do these two situations have in common? So the main component, you know, having our 200G QSFP double density breakout, this really allows you to worry less about inventory management. As we said, we can get custom cable length, so this will fit any solution that you have. And it allows us to really get the benefits of having a breakout in a RRH 5G setup.


So, if you have any more questions and you want to know about all of these great offers that you can get in one package, reach out to us here at Vitex in our New Jersey office. We would be happy to talk to you. And so, until next time, I’ll see you then.

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