Low Latency Specified Optics

When picoseconds matter, turn to us.

Tasked with not only reaching out to see what can be measured, Vitex out-performed the
industry standard.

Latency is generally not a performance measure provided with optical transceivers. In fact, most
optical manufacturers do not even measure latency. But at Vitex, we make providing the
information and solutions our customers ask for a priority.

Our client, in the high frequency trading business, was exploring all options for a competitive
edge. They asked us to explore shaving critical picoseconds of delay from their network. To
accomplish this, we measured current transceiver latency, ran a feasibility study to determine
the available options to reduce delay, and built a custom 10G SFP with the best latency

“Almost anything is possible,” said Michael Ko, Co-Founder and CEO of Vitex. “It’s a matter of
understanding the customer’s priorities and exploring the science to determine the best path
forward. Our goal in innovating is to improve without compromise. But in nearly any scenario,
there are specifications that are more important than others or non-essential. And if the
customer has a specification that is most business impacting, we’ll optimize our design to
ensure they achieve their desired performance.”

The new design not only satisfied the high frequency trading application, but will undoubtedly
play a role in applications across finance, AI, machine learning, high performance computing,
broadcast, gaming, and others.

A few final facts:

● The Vitex team was able to deliver the new solution after the customer confirmed the
specification and placed the order within 6-8 weeks after receipt of order.
● Low-latency SFPs are compatible with all standard network switches and fiber cables.

What is a low-latency SFP?

It is a standard small form factor pluggable transceiver that has been modified to meet a specific
latency specification. Typically, the differences in latency from standard products are measured
in improvements of ~200 or faster picoseconds.

Key Takeaways:

● Others may tell you latency is not measurable. It is.
● Others may tell you a latency-specified solution is not available. We can deliver it.
● Others may not agree to a latency SLA. We will.

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