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Our client is a leading global supplier of simulation visual display products for the military and aerospace/defense applications.  Headquartered in Ohio with an office in Europe, Flight simulation they have service centers around the world.  Their products are used in simulation training projects for pilots, air traffic controllers, and other highly trained staff who need additional simulated training in complex scenarios.  They have built a reputation over 30 years for delivering the highest quality and most innovative highest fidelity simulation visual systems in the market, with a portfolio that’s innovative, reducing costs while enhancing safety.  For that, they need reliable, industry-leading visual display products and the best fiber optic technology to support them.

Recently, the client initiated changes to their video-over-fiber technology.  They are in the process of migrating military training technology and simulation solutions from DVI projectors (legacy architecture) to newer DisplayPort video extenders which offer higher resolutions, greater picture clarity and cutting-edge features. They needed an experienced fiber optic product and solution provider to walk them through the initial design-in process, offer technical guidance, and provide reliable TAA-compliant products.  But their primary vendor on the project was difficult to work with and not as cooperative or flexible in helping them minimize costs or resolve technical compatibility issues.


While Vitex had worked with this company in the past, they were working with another vendor on this project.   Based on their previous positive experience with us, our experience with these types of projects and the quality of our products, we were invited back to help with this project, initially as an alternate vendor.

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In addition to offering TAA compliant video extenders, they also found Vitex highly responsive and easy to work with. Shortly after being brought in, Vitex became the client’s primary vendor. Our engineers gave them viable upgrade advice on how best to retain the cabling or gating they had and minimize project costs to accommodate their budget. We provided them with DisplayPort 1.4 AOCs which met their technical specs for 8k resolution and exceptional picture clarity.


The newly installed DisplayPort AOC is plug-and-play and has been working smoothly with the client’s hardware.

According to Rich Witte, Sales Manager at Vitex, “There are often compatibility issues in upgrading, usually between source and monitor.  Sometimes the new product doesn’t do the EDID handshake. Everything went seamlessly.  The client was very happy.”

To mitigate the impact of longer lead times due to supply chain issues, Vitex is also stocking products for this client.

As an industry-leading supplier of visual simulator training systems: the importance of reliable fiber optic technology and products for this company cannot be overstated.  They needed the right vendor, who has the experience, technical expertise, best-in-class products, and solutions approach to resolving problems as they arise.

Need help with your upgrade project? Vitex, based in northern New Jersey, has supplied superior fiber optic extenders and solutions for more than two decades.  Our clients are global leaders in aerospace/defense and other industries. Contact us at to jumpstart your next project!

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