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Customer Profile

The customer is a provider of network performance management products serving enterprises, banks, government agencies and telecommunications industries. Leading global companies depend on them to protect their digital business services against disruptions in availability, performance, and security.

Deployed in some of the world’s most demanding data center deployments, our customer’s packet flow switches offer a variety of features to enable IT organizations to distribute, filter and control network traffic for data, voice and video monitoring and security deployments. These switches employ 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G transceivers in dozens of slots to transmit data.

The Challenge

Their optics vendor was plagued with delivery issues and some of the products had a lead time of about 3 months! This was not acceptable for an organization whose mission was to keep their end users’ network running smoothly and they started seeking a new transceiver supplier for 10G and 40G transceivers. Quality, short lead times and excellent technical support were their key requirements.

The SolutionPFS Switch

The customer tested Vitex devices in their system along with other vendors’ transceivers. The customer’s requirements were short and intermediate reach transceivers for their network switches and DDoS equipment.

After many rounds of rigorous testing, they chose Vitex transceivers for their excellent quality and reliability. Vitex operations team also studied the usage requirements of the customer and designed an optimal stocking plan for them. Currently, Vitex stocks 10G, 40G and 100G transceivers in its’ warehouse and ships them to the customer as needed. Having real-time data on product availability allows their purchase department to be efficient in terms of inventory control.

The Outcome

In addition to 10G and 40G optical transceivers, Vitex also provides 100G transceivers to the company. Over the years, Vitex has built a strong partnership with this leader in network performance management enabling them to protect their end users from the risks of network disruption.

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