2.5Gbps ROSA

2.5Gbps ROSA

PIN and APD ROSA products for 2.5Gbps applications.

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Product Details

Part Number Description Sensitivity Wavelength (nm) Operating Temperature (° C)
TRR-8F43-701 2.5Gbps PIN-TIA -23dBm 850 -40~ +85
WPARR025KNNCNH 2.5Gbps APD-TIA -35dBm 1260~1640 -40~ +85

Description 2.5Gbps PIN-TIA
Sensitivity -23dBm
Wavelength (nm) 850
Operating Temperature (° C) -40~ +85

Description 2.5Gbps APD-TIA
Sensitivity -35dBm
Wavelength (nm) 1260~1640
Operating Temperature (° C) -40~ +85

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