200Gb/s QSFP56 Active Optical Cable

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200Gb/s QSFP56 Active Optical Cable

Vitex Part #: V2C-Q1QyyyC-AA  — Datasheet

DSP-free 200G QSFP56  Active optical cable is a unique product designed with analog-based electronics. 200G QSFP56 AOCs based on analog CDR architecture deliver impressive BER performance with lower power consumption and lower latency.



  • Low latency DSP-free electronics-based CDR
  • Multi-data rate up to 56.15 Gb/s per lane
  • PAM4 modulation
  •  HPC-grade BER ≤ 5×10-8
  •  Single 3.3 V power supply
  •  Low power consumption : 3.6 W per cable end with all CDRs enabled
  •  Up to 100 m length
  •  Commercial operating case temperature range: 0 to 70°C
  •  RoHS/REACH compliant
  •  TUV-certified


  • IEEE 802.3cd 200GBASE SR4
  • IBTA InfiniBand HDR
  • Data center : servers, switches, storages and NIC adapters


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