800G QSFP-DD Optical Transceiver

800G QSFP-DD Optical Transceiver

Vitex’s industry-leading 800 QSFP-DD optical modules are ideal for 800G Ethernet connections. These modules also support breakout applications at high end speeds. With two architectural options, 2x 400G and 8x 100G, the 800G breakout transceivers are ideal for telecom and data center network designers and installers who are consolidating ports to achieve high port density and traffic aggregation.

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Product Details


  • Built-in 5 nm DSP Chip
  • Typical power consumption 14W
  • 3ck & IEEE802.3cu high-speed compliant
  • SFP MSA hot-pluggable standard compliant
  • Supports CMIS 5.1
  • Options: 800G to 400G breakout and 800G to 100G
  • Digital Optical Monitoring Capability for Strong Diagnostic Capabilities
  • Low power consumption
  • 2km maximum transmission distance


  • 5G Telecom, especially Central Office cross-connections
  • 800G Ethernet data centers and cloud networks
  • High Power Computing (HPC)
  • Short-distance transmission use cases

Part Number Brand Description Reach Power Consumption Temp (° C)
VD-8CDR8CP-EA Vitex QSFP-DD DR8+ 2km 14W 0~70
VD-4CDR4CP-AA Vitex QSFP-DD 2XFR4 2km 14W 0~70

Brand Vitex
Description QSFP-DD DR8+
Reach 2km
Power Consumption 14W
Temp (° C) 0~70

Brand Vitex
Description QSFP-DD 2XFR4
Reach 2km
Power Consumption 14W
Temp (° C) 0~70

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