DVI Single Channel Fiber Extender

DVI Single Channel Fiber Extender

Vitex Part #: VSA-100-TR Datasheet (Manual )

The VSA-100-TR Optical DVI Extender is designed to transmit DVI signals through one fiber. It works with multi-mode fiber and single-mode fiber. Self-EDID technology makes the module easy to install.

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Product Details


  • Transports DVI Signal up to 1500m
  • Works with MMF or SMF
  • Low power consumption – Max current at Tx 400mA, Rx 250mA
  • Powered by external power source or USB port (USB cable available)
  • Single LC receptacle
  • Support Video Resolution up to 1920×1200 / 60Hz or 1080p for HD TV
  • Metal Enclosure
  • RoHS Compliant

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