HDMI + USB Pure Fiber Extender

HDMI + USB Pure Fiber Extender

Vitex’s Pure Fiber Optic HDMI + USB Multi-Signal Extender revolutionizes video and control signal distribution by supporting HDMI 2.1 and USB 3.2 up to 1000 feet (300 meters) over a single Vitex MPO Fiber Optic Cable. This ensures superior performance and signal integrity for HD video and fast USB connections in high-performance video and imaging systems.

Product Details


  • Supports HDMI 2.1 and USB 3.2 over a single Fiber Optic Cable.
  • Pure optical connection minimizes EMI/RFI risk.
  • Enables distribution of AV and control signals up to 1000 feet (300 meters).
  • Provides 48 Gbps bandwidth and up to 4:4:4 color for high-definition video.
  • Maintains 100% signal integrity from point to point.
  • Compatible with various peripherals such as cameras, hard drives, servers, and frame grabbers.
  • Vitex MPO Fiber Optic Cable is plenum-rated for safety certification standards.
  • Available in lengths ranging from 35 to 1000 feet (10 to 300 meters)


  • Medical imaging systems
  • Flight video simulations
  • Digital signage networks, Professional A/V installations requiring long-distance signal transmission.
  • High-definition video distribution in large venues, conference centers, and stadiums.
  • Control signal distribution for automation and smart home systems.
  • Broadcast and production environments requiring reliable signal transmission over extended distances.
  • Industrial applications requiring high-speed data transfer over long distances, such as manufacturing plants and process control systems.



Product Overview

Engineered with the latest in fiber optic technology, Vitex’s HDMI + USB Pure Fiber Extender is a breakthrough for distribution of video and control signals over fiber optic cable. With support for HDMI 2.1 and USB 3.2 Gen 2, this device allows you to extend your signals up to 1000 feet (300 meters) using just one Vitex MPO Fiber Optic Cable.


This all-in-one solution empowers professionals in medical, defense, or other high-performance imaging spaces with superior bandwidth and reliability, enabling seamless design and installation of high-performance audio, video, and control systems with the flexibility needed to maximize performance.


Diagram explaining ports and lights for the HDMI + USB Extender


Parameter Specification
Supported Signals HDMI 2.1 / USB 3.2
Distance Up to 1000 ft
Rx: HDMI Type-A
USB Tx: USB 3.2 Type-B
Rx: USB 3.2 Type-A
Power 300mA@5VDC
Enclosure Metal
Data Rate Up to 48 Gbps
Resolution 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 uncompressed or
8K@60Hz 4:2:0, uncompressed
Supported Features HDMI High Speed
HDCP v2.3
Deep Color


Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
Tx 87 70 25
Rx 87 70 25

Cable Information

Vitex’s FO-CABLE-yyyP pure Fiber Optic MPO Cables are ideal for interconnection between the HDMI + USB Fiber Extender transmitter and receiver.

Feet Meters
35ft 10m
50ft 15m
100ft 30m
160ft 48m
200ft 60m
1000ft 300m

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
LXL-401-TR Vitex HDMI + USB Pure Fiber Optic Extender
FO-CABLE-yyyP Vitex Pure Fiber Optic MPO Cable (yyy
denotes length – available in 35ft, 50ft,
100ft, 160ft, 200ft, 1000ft)

Shipping Information

Component Description
Tx USB+HDMI Extender Interface (Tx), Mounting
Bracket, AC/DC power adapter (AC 110V~240V/ DC 5V 2A), User Guide
Rx USB+HDMI Extender Interface (Rx), Mounting
Bracket, AC/DC power adapter (AC 110V~240V/ DC 5V 2A), User Guide

Revision History

Component Description
February 11, 2024 Version 1.0
May 16, 2024 Version 1.1

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