Multimode 12-fiber MPO Trunk Cable

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Multimode 12-fiber MPO Trunk Cable

Multimode MPO/MTP trunk cables are used to interconnect cassettes, panels or ruggedized MPO fan-outs allowing for rapid deployment of high-density backbone cabling in data centers and other high fiber environments. 

  • Designed for 40G QSFP+ SR4/CSR4, 100G QSFP28 SR4 optics
  • Optimized for high-density fiber patching in data centers
  • Lengths available from 1m (3ft) to 50m (160ft)
  • Other custom options, such as length, polarity, jacket, are also available
Length Price (US$)
1m (3ft) $39
3m (9ft) $59
5m (16ft) $69
10m (32ft) $109
20m (65ft) $169
30m (98ft) $200
50m (160ft) $300



Product Specification

Connector A MPO Female (Pinless) Connector B MPO Female (Pinless)
Fiber Mode OM4 50/125 μm Cable Jacket OFNR
40/100G Ethernet Distance 150 m at 850 nm Polarity Type B (Key-Up to Key Up)
Polish Type UPC to UPC Minimum Bend Radius 7.5 mm
Insertion Loss  0.35 dB Return Loss  20 dB

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