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X-Link All-in-One Extender

Vitex Part #: LXL-301-TR — Download Brochure

LightBolt X-Link  is a fully customizable platform delivering pure signal integrity from point to point at exceptional speeds. DisplayPort or HDMI for high-definition video; multi-channel audio; IR transmission for remote control; USB for video camera and hard drive server; TOSLINK for Audio Return Channel (ARC); Ethernet to support Internet content and/or IP control to a smart TV or network device, can be transmitted on a single fiber optic cable (included) up to 1000 feet.




  • Fully customizable KVM Extender
  • Extends DisplayPort,  HDMI, USB, Audio and RS-232C over a single fiber optic cable
  • Supports 8K resolution for crystal clear images
  • Fiber connection ensures secure data transfer
  • Easily connect multiple monitors
  • Thin MPO fiber makes installation simple even in tight spaces