Protecting networks and reducing downtime

How a leader in global Wireless Network Monitoring and Service Assurance eliminated supply chain and quality issues with a fiber optic transceiver from a new supplier 

Proven, superior quality transceivers with speeds up to 100G combined with predictive supply chain modeling solves inventory and field performance issues.

Customer Profile

The Network Monitoring company is a provider of cutting-edge network performance and protection products. Global high-performing and security-sensitive enterprises such as banking, government agencies and telecommunication depend on our client for protection against disruption. 

Deployed worldwide in high performance onsite, co-lo and dedicated data centers, our customer’s specialized packet flow switches enable IT organizations to distribute, filter and control network traffic while protecting against cybersecurity threats. These scalable switches employ 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G transceivers in dozens of slots to transmit data. 

The Challenge

A global network monitoring company’s existing fiber optics supplier was consistently delayed in delivering transceivers—up to three months. The lag was affecting our client’s reputation and growth: new installations and replacement requests were on hold. The delays were unacceptable, and our client began the hunt for a new supplier of 10G and 40G fiber optic transceivers. Requirements included availability, superior quality, white-label packing and packaging, and US-based technical support. 



Networking Monitoring Equipment


Supply Chain
Product Quality
US-Based Tech Support
White Label and Packaging


Inventory Management
Label and Packaging Customization


10G Transceivers
40G Transceivers
100G Transceivers

The Solution

In the search for short and intermediate-reach transceivers for their network switches and DDoS equipment, the customer requested Vitex 10G transceivers and 40G transceivers for technical review. Vitex provided complimentary product samples for testing which shaved off significant procurement time. 

After multiple rounds of rigorous testing, the Network Monitoring company chose Vitex as a supplier. Vitex was able to fulfill the requirements for excellent product quality, reliability and the packing and labeling customization. Vitex’s technical support team based in New Jersey was a vital resource during the selection and standardization process.  

To meet the client’s inventory requirement, Vitex designed an optimized, US-based stocking plan calculated from predicted usage. Forecasting from the customer’s procurement departments provides the basis for real-time stocking of the private-labeled and -packaged 10G, 40G and 100G transceivers. Supplemental, proactive “safety” product stock has fulfilled last-minute, unexpected product orders. 

The Results

In addition to the 10G and 40G optical transceivers, Vitex now supplies 100G transceivers to the company. With a five-year design-support-supplier partnership, Vitex’s consistent quality and faultless supply chain management have strengthened this industry leader’s ability to serve existing end users and grow their market. Vitex’s reliable high-quality fiber optic transceivers have satisfied the client’s stringent procurement department and expanded their supplier roster. 

Post-COVID Update

Manufacturing and supply chain issues had a worldwide and rippling effect on manufacturers and system providers due to material and chip shortages as well as transportation barriers. Vitex worked with all customers to adjust expectations, respond to forecasting models and increase manufacturer shipments. For this network monitoring client, the result was better-than-projected fiber transceiver quality and delivery. 

“…this is a very good partnership between Vitex and [client]. Thank you so much for all your efforts over the past year. It is wonderful having people that I can count on.”
-Procurement Department

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