Pure Fiber DisplayPort video extenders make pioneering 3D medical imaging crystal clear

How Vitex resolved the world’s most innovative cardiac diagnostic device OEM’s remote imaging engineering, reliability and support concerns

As a healthcare manufacturer finalized their innovative cardiology design, finding the right cable to transfer high volume, critical data from the device to a remote monitor was paramount. The Vitex Pure Fiber DisplayPort™ video extender met engineering criteria and came with the application tech support that the customer needed for integration and product launch.

Customer Profile

As medical diagnostic, monitoring and treatment equipment have become more sophisticated, so has their reliance on medical imaging systems and technology. Our client, with a market valuation of more than $182B, is a top medical device company that continues to expand. One of their divisions produces advanced cardiac intravascular imaging systems that detect and map cardiac arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia. The diagnostic tool relies on peerless fiber optic technology to quickly and clearly transmit clear and detailed images of the heart to the medical team’s monitor(s).

The Challenges

The company’s reputation as a world leader in medical devices is dependent on their process of seeking, vetting and partnering with trusted suppliers–fiber optic video extenders included. The success of their pioneering electrophysiological imaging system rested heavily on precisely and quickly mapping the patient’s heart in 3D. The high-resolution anatomical modeling data coming from the invasive catheter in the patient’s chest required high bandwidth, pinpoint accuracy, no time lag and high point density. Additionally, the precise, cardiac mapping would have to be displayed in real time over an extended period at a remote monitor located over 100 feet from the patient. For the healthcare company, the search was on for a medically certified DisplayPort™ video extender from a supplier that could commit to a long-term relationship and expert fiber application support.



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The Solution

After carefully considering RFPs from several vendors, Vitex won the highly competitive bid for DisplayPort™ video extenders. Vitex’s pure fiber DisplayPort™ video extenders are reliable, superior quality, manufactured for longevity and compliant with IEC/EN 60601-1 and IEC/EN 60601-1-2 for Medical Electrical Equipment.

Made of pure fiber, the LDP-201-TR DisplayPort™ video extender has enhanced features including multi-stream transport, plug-and-play capabilities, a state-of-the-art graphics component and can easily upgrade to higher video resolutions. It provides stunning, consistent picture clarity. 

See Vitex’s Pure Fiber DisplayPort video extender >

The Results

Over more than a decade, the relationship between the client and Vitex has evolved from supplier to a solutions partnership. As the client continues to enhance their cardiac mapping capabilities and devices, Vitex has remained the company’s DisplayPort™ Video Extender of choice.

Most recently, the company’s engineering team reached out to Vitex’s technical team for recommendations to cost-effectively communicate with different interfaces as part of a device upgrade. Working with our electrophysiology engineers, Vitex proposed several options including a custom-designed product. According to Michael Ko, “If a company cannot find a fiber optic product that fulfills their needs, we can develop and design one for them. Solving problems with fiber solutions is in our DNA.”

From prototype and initial sale to upgraded devices over time, Vitex has resolved the ongoing client’s needs with superior fiber video extenders along with stocking levels, procurement reporting, tech support, samples, testing, customization and custom-designed optical products. The relationship between Vitex and the client is no longer only about delivering a physical product. It is a collaborative effort to find solutions for the client’s product and procurement teams.

For HDMI, DisplayPort™, DVI, KVM and USB video extenders that meet your exacting specifications, browse our online catalog or contact us at info@vitextech.com.

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