The right cable keeps a medical facility on time

How a DisplayPort AOC built for reliability and longevity solved a cabling dilemma for a system integrator and a hospital partnership

Construction projects as afterthoughts can be tricky. With complex wiring, a tricky physical layout and a demanding client, a DisplayPort AOC made installation easy and keeps on working.

Customer Profile

Our client is a combination of two organizations: a prominent healthcare organization that’s known for its commitment to providing superior medical services and compassionate care. With a rich history spanning several decades, they operate multiple hospitals, medical centers and clinics, delivering medical specialties and serving communities across the U.S.  

Their contractor partner is a national systems integrator that provides IT design, integration, support and management for building communication infrastructure.

The Challenge

The healthcare organization wanted to add a complex, multi-display scheduling system throughout an extended and busy medical office building. Due to the size of the building and architecture, the cabling from computer to monitor cluster might have to extend to 100 feet.

The system integrator initially considered a familiar interconnect option consisting of HDMI extenders and CAT5 (Category 5) cables. However, the project lead had concerns about quality and bandwidth: “There was always a worry that these products would fail or not be able to provide sufficient video [display].”



System Integration
Medical Facilities


Easy Installation
Long-term Product Reliability
High Video Bandwidth
Short Lead Times


Cable and AOC Expertise
US-based Support
Fast-tracked Supply


DisplayPort 1.2 AOC
DisplayPort 1.4 AOC (3m, 25m, 50m)
MTP/MPO Cables
LightBolt DisplayPort Extender 1.2

Based on word-of-mouth recommendations and product reviews, the client’s system integrator and facility planner reached out to Vitex to recommend and supply a more robust optical cable solution. In addition to needing technical expertise, the client recognized that off-the-shelf cabling did not have the reliability, signal quality and testing standard that the healthcare organization demanded.  

The Solution

When the customer initially approached Vitex, they enquired about fiber optic extenders and Active Optical Cables (AOCs). Based on the need for a simple and reliable connection that would operate without interruptions or errors, we recommended DisplayPort AOCs.

Vitex’s Active Optical Cables offer multiple advantages:  simple to install and maintain using a single integrated assembly of connectors and cables (similar to copper cables), extreme reliability for customers who want to install it and forget it and, if there ever was a problem, Vitex support was just a phone call away.

Initial testing began with a detachable DisplayPort AOC kit that allows a predefined cable to be fed through a wireway or conduit without bulky ends. Ultimately, the installation flexibility of the “kit” solution wasn’t needed, and it added additional, unnecessary cost.

The Results

The final project solution was the Vitex all-in-one DisplayPort 1.4 AOC. Once the product passed onsite evaluation tests for capacity, signal strength and reliability, Vitex shipped all the products and met the client’s construction lead times. The Vitex support team was available during the tight installation window; when an installer inadvertently damaged one of the cables, we shipped out a replacement immediately to help avoid any project delays.

To date, none of Vitex DisplayPort AOCs have failed.

An Update

Our client recently began the construction of new, advanced medical center. Almost ten years after that first project, Vitex is advising the hospital system and the system integrator on cabling options for their communications systems as well as connecting medical equipment.

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