Solving an OEM’s customer problem with product customization

How Vitex helped a manufacturer resolve mysterious DisplayPort™ system failures with testing, transparency and a product redesign

Working with the OEM’s engineering team, Vitex’s testing lab and engineers isolated a site-specific source damaging an AOC by operating outside specification. Vitex quickly developed and manufactured a more robust and preventive DisplayPort AOC solution to accommodate the deviation from standard specification.

Customer Profile

A developer of visual simulation systems designed to train pilots, helmsmen, drivers and air traffic controllers in commercial and military/defense markets, the OEM had a 30-year reputation for delivering the best and most innovative high fidelity simulation system in the market. Their innovative Simulation Visual Systems are used in flight, maritime, air traffic control, driving and ground warfare simulators as well as research applications worldwide to ensure that personnel are trained and tested to the highest level of proficiency without risk to property or lives.

The Challenges

As part of a next generation product design, the client had upgraded their video-over-fiber technology from DVI extenders to better-performing DisplayPort extenders. Using DisplayPort technology, their highly visual systems could provide higher resolution, greater picture clarity and cutting-edge features. This communication protocol upgrade aligned with the company’s mission to provide the highest level of realistic simulation and quality.



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Unfortunately, there were unresolved Issues and repeated product failures with their China-based supplier. Additional in-field failures around the globe, evasive communication and disinterest in resolving the technical problems forced the OEM to seek a new supplier.

The simulation design company approached Vitex to find a replacement DisplayPort extender. In addition to strict requirements for quality assurance, documentation and specifications, the client wanted TAA-compliant products.

With the performance aspects from the original supplier still top of mind, Vitex performed extensive pre-purchase testing in-house and with the supplier. The client performed their own lab testing and, satisfied with both quality and performance, confidently ordered the replacement DisplayPort AOCs.

Again, the client’s customers ran into the same DisplayPort extender product failures in the field causing alarm within the client’s organization. Without a working DisplayPort extender to supply the high-fidelity imaging, the product was DOA.

The difference was the Vitex approach. We maintained openness and communication and doubled down on responsiveness, putting ourselves in the client’s position. As part of the resolution process, all products were returned for rigorous testing to Vitex’s in-house laboratory and by the manufacturing facility’s quality engineers. Testing processes, progress and the entirety of the findings were shared with the client who, while nervous about the outcomes, was pleased by Vitex’s open and continuous communication feed.

The Solution

After 8 weeks of rigorous testing, documentation and stakeholder meetings, the root cause was isolated to an in-field power supply that was subject to sudden spikes/surges. Since the Vitex DisplayPort extender was rated for medical use, it had a stable power support during lab testing. The extender’s failure only occurred in the field with unstable power that damaged its internal fibers.

Final resolution of the product failure took multiple forms. To prevent further failures in the field with existing products, we developed a client education program to teach cleaning-at-installation protocols to reduce voltage spike possibilities. Replacement products were sent to the client at no charge. And Vitex redesigned the DisplayPort extender to include additional voltage protection circuits. Furthermore, we guaranteed that the updated product met the DisplayPort standards set by the client’s lab.

The Results

Because Vitex proactively responded to a significant problem with a transparent “open kimono” philosophy throughout the product crisis and was able to solve the field-related problem, the client solidified the supplier partnership without hesitation. The updated plug and play DisplayPort AOC  is now a permanent and reliable system component for the client’s latest product family. Additionally, Vitex worked with their procurement department to reduce supply chain product availability issues by creating a US-based, custom stocking program.

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