Why Supplier Customer Service is Essential for Supply Chain Management

A Guide for Fiber Optic Procurement

When it comes to fiber optic pieces and parts or products and assemblies, the difference between order placement and order management boils down to supply chain management. Fiber optic components and products like transceivers, DACs, AOCs, AECs, etc. are exclusively manufactured overseas — a sure set-up for delivery issues especially for special orders, customized products and small quantities.

It could be a procurement nightmare.

That’s why customer care is an essential part of the supplier’s delivery and supply chain tracking process. The result is purchasing confidence (and relief) because orders are monitored right up to delivery.

Of course, that need for confidence is only important if you’re counting on an on-time arrival.

For most product buyers, the fiber optic parts, components and assemblies are crucial to their product whether it’s a machine, an assembly, a network or a communication system. In other words, on-time delivery and open, timely communication are imperative factors in the purchasing decision.

Why supplier-based supply chain management is helpful essential

At Vitex, we’re known for our customer care approach; we specialize in developing, customizing and sourcing the unusual in fiber optics products. We’re problem solvers starting with the first conversation.

And that philosophy includes our sales customer care team. Whether it’s an off-the-shelf optical cable or a specialty-developed fiber transceiver, the “Vitex way” guides every order that we receive.

And, with the current (and extended) global supply chain crisis, our customer service approach ensures that manufacturing and shipping developments resulting from pandemics or labor shortages are minimized.

Our goal is to remove the anxiety (or mere curiosity) of wondering when the fiber optic order will arrive.

No mysteries.

How a customer-first approach keeps procurement informed about supply chain

  1. We know our suppliers.

    Fiber optic factories are numerous but there are only a handful that manufacture to an exceptional quality level.

    With 20 years of relationships with these top-tier suppliers, Vitex has the proven relationship to find trusted solutions for unique and emergency orders. Working extended, overnight hours to communicate one-on-one with overseas engineers and suppliers quickly relieves any order-based blood pressure.

  2. We get to know our customers.

    From the initial conversation to PO, Vitex focuses on making personal connections, thinking ahead and exceeding expectations. It doesn’t stop once purchasing departments join the party.

    Doris Yon heads our Sales Support department and specializes in relationship building. “After working at big companies like Citibank, I see the benefit of Vitex’s personalized approach every day. I want to be sure that procurement teams and buyers have the same confidence in Vitex as a supplier as their engineers do. It takes time to create personal connections but that “click” we develop with our buyers helps me understand what is important and how to communicate with them effectively. We work hard to get the best possible results and that includes creating confidence in the delivery and choosing Vitex for fiber optics.”

  3. We pivot.

    When supply chain problems pop up (and they do), we work with the supplier and the customer to rectify them as quickly as possible. Whether it’s an easy fix or a creative approach, the focus is on developing the most satisfactory solution. Alternate shipping options? Alternate sources? Alternative thinking. Always.

  4. We understand that information has value.

    Even in normal supply chain situations, there’s the occasional unexpected surprise. For Vitex, that means tracking, special attention to detail and the ability to react quickly to new information. As new information arrives, we assess and communicate any changes to inform, relieve and pivot.

  5. We pick up the phone.

    There’s nothing more frustrating and pointless than the absence of information. (We hate that ourselves.) If we have information, we call you. If you have a question, we answer. We want to be sure our customers are “in the know” and satisfied with any proposed or in-process solution.

  6. We encourage “try before you buy”.

    Buying the wrong part is irritating. Buying hundreds (or thousands) of the wrong part can be devastating. Purchasing test products to ensure you’ve designed in or committed to the absolutely perfect fiber optic product is the first step in creating a great procurement relationship!

  7. We value your time.

    When was the last time any department was overstaffed and had in-house experts ready and available for questions?

    That’s why optical engineers and designers rely on Vitex to develop and supply the right fiber optic communication component. Equally so, procurement and purchasing have confidence that Vitex to streamline delivery and jump in when and if supply chain-related shipping problems come up.

Customer service and supply chain management are all about creating the best situation

Selecting the right supplier often extends to factors beyond the lowest price. Especially valuable for non-commodity goods, a strategic, beneficial relationship is a commitment to more than parts in a box. It’s about a customer service viewpoint that embraces supply chain management, thrives on responsiveness and focuses on solutions.

And it’s why fiber optic suppliers should envision themselves as part of the internal supply chain management process.

If you look at any datacom, telecom or system integrators’ org chart, you won’t see Vitex on it. Or any partner.

But the dotted line is there. We’re part of the client’s team.

At Vitex, we’re usually called in to solve a problem. Sometimes it’s a technical issue that needs customization or it’s specialized product development. Or, it can be about availability, private labeling and more reliable solutions.

But always, our clients just want a supplier who is invested in “the click” so that they know their orders will be delivered. 100% confident.

You can read more about the current fiber optic supply chain log jam here. Vitex product customization options are just another part of our unique delivery model for OEMs, telecoms, datacom, military and medical companies.

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