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First ever 100G parallel BiDi by Vitex honored by 2023 Lightwave Innovation Reviews

100G to 4x25G Breakout BiDi AOC
Single-fiber breakout cable is designed for 5G applications Englewood Cliffs, NJ, February 8, 2023 – Vitex LLC, a customer-first supplier of superior quality, specialized fiber optic and connectivity products, announced today that its 100G to 4x25G bi-directional AOC was recognized among the best by the 2023 Lightwave Innovation Reviews. Lightwave’s distinguished panel of expert judges[...]
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CDR Control in Transceivers

Clock recovery is the process of extracting timing information from a data stream to allow the receiver to decode the transmitted data. In ethernet communication, digital data is sent without the clock signal and therefore must be regenerated at the receiver, using the timing information from the data stream.
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