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I had a good experience with customer service. Their engineer helped me out with some technical questions and recommended the right product. Highly recommend your company to all my co-workers.

Mathieu G.


I have never experienced a quality problem with anything from Vitex customer service. Inquiries are answered promptly and accurately. I can rely on what Vitex tells me.

Tom A.

Director, PLM at a tier 1 communication network company

Thank you all so much for all you have done for our company with its very needed products. No returns, none of your competition can beat that record!!

Gail E.

Buyer at a leading video security company

Transceivers worked as expected. Very good value.

Stephen W.


I am using the transceivers in our network. Impressed with their BER performance.

Eli L., CA

You’re the best, thanks a bunch and have a great night.

Jeni D.

Buyer at a leading video surveillance solutions provider

Thanks Andrea! I will ask the team to ship out to you today.

Ryder G.

Commodity Manager at a major network monitoring company

Great Customer Service. Good on time delivery.

Kimberly D.

Buyer at a large defense contractor

As a developer of medical systems, we are required to comply with EMC standards for medical devices. Vitex devices met this requirement every time we tested them. The other devices we tested did not even come close.


Engineering Manager at a leading medical systems company

Thank you for your quick response and friendly service.

Wayne M.

Partner at a leading Pro AV design company

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