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We source, supply and support the right fiber optic product that meets your application’s demands and specifications. Our customers are our priority.

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Experience counts

Since 2003, we’ve been an essential and lead contributor to the fiber optic product sourcing and specialty product development process for OEMs, machine builders, system integrators and network communication companies.

We’re fiber optic advisors, experts and techies with manufacturing partnerships with long-tested, trusted manufacturers throughout the Asia Pacific.

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us

We’re not for everyone. Vitex customers are demanding and value product quality and reliability most of all. They want customization. They seek a supplier partner who listens to their needs, doesn’t cut corners or oversell and has the flexibility to work with their engineers, designers and integrators to provide the best possible solution.


Customization? Yes

Every customer defines customization in their own way and Vitex offers options:

  • Custom packaging? Yes
  • Custom EEPROM settings? Yes
  • White labeling and non-identifying part numbers? Small quantities? Yes, Yes, Yes
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Located in New Jersey

US-based tech support

New Jersey is right here in the US. With our onsite technical staff, we will answer your product and application questions. And, we have backup. With our long-standing relationships with fiber optic product developers and Asia-based support personnel, we can quickly get the answers you need without you setting an alarm for middle-of-the-night calls to match Korean or Bejing Standard Time.

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Vitex is on your team

We aim to be an extension of your product development, engineering and procurement departments. With Vitex, you’ll shave testing and development time and resolve uncertainties in application support, product customization and purchasing.

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Supply chain solution:  Vitex Comes Through with Quality, Short Lead Times and Support.

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