Upgrade 5G networks with E-temp 200G breakout AOC

Telecom designers scratching their heads to cleanly and inexpensively solve mass, rapid migration from 100G to 200G (or 400G) have two additional solution barriers to contend with: cell sites without temperature-controlled environments and available space.

This new situation directly results from consumer capacity demand for increased speed and bandwidth. As telecom systems upgrade infrastructure to meet expectations and compete for market share, the capacity demand is creating headaches for system designers tasked with quickly, inexpensively upgrading the connections from outdoor cell-site routers to servers and remote units (RUs).

The challenge at the cell sites:

  • cell-site router locations are rarely conditioned so they endure the extreme temperature ranges of the outdoors
  • the spacing between network elements is hard to control …limiting the use of fixed-length active optical cables (AOCs)
  • capital expense budgets limit the cost of upgrading equipment (everywhere).
A breakout solution in breakout cables: the 200G-SR8 QSFP-DD to 8x 25G-SR Duplex LC

The 200G-SR8 AOC (Active Optical Cable) enables telecom network designers to upgrade 200G and 400G switches cost-effectively while continuing to use existing equipment in racks and servers.

The cable features a 200G QSFP-DD transceiver attached at one end and a fanout terminated with eight duplex LC connectors. Each element of the 8-lane fanout provides 25G-SR Duplex LC connectivity.

Designed for short distances (typically 2m, 3m and 5m) and E-temp rated, each duplex LC connector is mapped into a single TX/RX 25G lane.

Five significant savings in one cable

The design of the 200G QSFP-DD breakout to 8x25G Duplex LC cable offers savings advantages that typical AOC cables and other workarounds do not:

  1. one part replaces patch cables plus optical transceiver pluggables
  2. generates little-to-no heat in a non-air conditioned environment
  3. low power consumption has virtually no impact on power costs
  4. easy to implement as a phased upgrade while maintaining existing servers
  5. space saving with custom cable lengths

The results: A significantly lower capital expenditure with zero technical sacrifices.

View the 200G SR8 QSFP-DD to 8x 25G SR Duplex LC Breakout AOC >

Sample installation configuration in a telecom network

The 200G QSFP28-DD to 8xLC Duplex Breakout AOC is an elegant and straightforward interconnect solution for:

  • Data centers (servers, switches, storage)
  • Dell site router and servers
  • High performance computing (HPC)
  • Switch and server interconnects in harsh environments.
Telecom application example

The 200G-SR8 module is plugged into the host and the 8 duplex-LCs are connected to a patch panel. On the line side, the 25G SFP28 SR module is plugged into the server, and its corresponding duplex-LC connector is plugged into its own patch panel. The distance between the network elements can be resolved with low cost, variable-length patch cords.

Two examples of telecom installs between the DU (Distributed Unit) and RU (Radio Unit)
A summary of 200G AOC breakout cable benefits 

The 200G-SR8 QSFP-DD to 8x 25G-SR breakout AOC has a distinctive application for telecom and some data center environments.

200G QSFP28-DD to 8x LC Duplex Breakout AOC
Product BenefitDetail
E-temp rated-20°C to +85°C
Short distance3m, 5m, 10m and custom lengths
No risk for dirt contaminationFactory-sealed connections from connectors to cable
Lighter than cable options25% less weight
Tighter radius than copper cable options50% more bend
Generates little to no heatSignificantly lower power consumption
Greater signal reliabilityNo EMI interference
Extensive customization optionsWhite labeling, packaging, packing, stocking quantities, cable lengths
200G QSFP28-DD to 8x LC Duplex Breakout AOC
System BenefitDetail
Space savingCustom options available
Replaces patch cables and transceivers combo
Cost savingNo impact on power utility cost
Replaces patch cables and transceivers combo
Installation friendlyFanout design allows phased implementation and the retention of existing, very expensive RUs and servers
Streamlined inventory managementOne product replaces two or three products

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The takeaways

200G QSFP-DD to 8x25G LC breakout cable is an unusually flexible solution because it is an AOC at one end with LC pigtail connectors at the other.

As an optical telecom solution, it supports the increased capacity demands of a split 5G architecture while providing a palatable capital expenditure option for systemwide cell-site deployment. It is reliable, easy to implement, and designed for limited spaces located in extreme temperatures.

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