Vitex 100G Parallel BiDi Breakout AOC is Now Patent Pending

The 100G QSFP28 to 4x 25G bi-directional AOC has been issued a U.S. provisional patent. 

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, May 30, 2023 — Vitex LLC, a New Jersey-based supplier of specialized, superior quality fiber optic and connectivity products, announced that their new-to-market and award-winning 100G to 4x 25G bi-directional AOC (active optical cable) has been granted a United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) “provisional patent”.  

The pending patent–entitled “Multichannel Fiber Optic Transceiver”– describes in detail the design of a device that plugs into a single high-speed transceiver port on a communication switch or other device and creates multiple, simultaneous bi-directional fiber optic connections to lower-speed fiber optic transceivers located in other switches or devices.  

The essence of the invention is a bi-directional AOC that allows a 100G port to break out to 4x 25G LC connections, where each 25G connection is a single fiber. The QSFP28 device contains 4 optical engines, each of which is a 25G-BiDi transmitting at 1270 nm and receiving at 1330 nm. The interface to fiber fronthaul infrastructure is provided with 4x single-fiber pigtails. 

Vitex’s new 100G BiDi AOC device is designed for 5G telecom networks to:

  • double existing fronthaul fiber capacity 
  • provide 25G bi-directional connectivity over a single fiber 
  • deploy 25G BiDis to denser 100G routers 
  • be interoperable with off-the-shelf SFP28 transceivers

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“As a specialized developer and supplier of fiber optic connectors for twenty years, I was thrilled when the Vitex 100G BiDi breakout AOC was recognized as unique with a prestigious Lightwave award. The excitement has only multiplied with our very first patent-pending notification,” says Michael Ko, Managing Director at Vitex. “Our mission and interest is solving communication problems. In this particular situation, the 100G QSFP28 to 4x 25G parallel bi-directional AOC was developed for the 5G telecommunications market as a singular solution for condensing 4x 25G installations into a single 100G QSFP socket. The product’s success is lockstep with our commitment to solving engineering problems with creativity and innovation.”

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About Vitex LLC

Vitex LLC, founded in 2003, is a solution provider specializing in optical transceivers and video extenders for fiber optic communication and connectivity. Headquartered in New Jersey, Vitex develops innovative, high-performance optical solutions to customers in telecom, military, medical, and other industries. The company’s skilled staff of highly trained engineers are knowledgeable and discerning about new product offerings and can provide US-based technical advice and solutions customized to business needs. Learn more at   


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