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As medical imaging systems have become more sophisticated, our client, with more than $7 billion in assets, is one of the top five medical device companies in the world and expanding. Five years ago, they bought a large medical device company who was a world leader in advanced cardiac imaging systems. Since doing so, the company is at work developing and refining state-of-the-art next-generation imaging systems that detect and map cardiac arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation and/or ventricular tachycardia. The diagnostic tool they’ve developed relies on fiber optics technology of the highest quality which can quickly transmit clear and detailed images of the heart to be viewed remotely by a doctor.

An example of cardiac mapping, which measures electrical activity of the heart

The Challenge

The company’s reputation as a world leader in the medical devices arena requires partnering with a trusted supplier of fiber optics video extenders. They recently refined a pioneering electrophysiological imaging system in partnership with prominent electrophysiology labs and hospitals. This diagnostic tool will allow physicians to map the heart in three dimensions and in high resolution by inserting a catheter in the patient’s chest. It is stable, reliable, fast, and accurate. This sophisticated cutting-edge diagnostic tool must provide a precise, detailed image of the heart to a remote monitor at a distance of 100 feet over a sustained period of time. Finding a fiber optics connectivity expert with quality products who can partner with them over the long term to provide ongoing support of that technology was an absolute must.

The Solution

After carefully considering RFPs from several vendors, Vitex won this highly competitive bid. To obtain medical certification, Vitex had to demonstrate that their technology was reliable, of the highest quality, and could adhere to extra levels of compliance. Product longevity was also a key criterion.

To map the heart is very precise. Specific features of the new cardiac mapping technology rely on robust fiber optics products to achieve highly detailed anatomical models, highVitex Pro Plus Fiber DisplayPort Extenders resolution, no time lag, and increased point density for greater anatomical detail.  As the client continues to enhance their cardiac mapping imaging capabilities, they have found Vitex’ DisplayPort Extender, LDP-201-TR  to be highly reliable, a product developed specifically for these purposes. It is compliant with IEC/EN 60601-1 and IEC/EN 60601-1-2 for Medical Electrical Equipment. Made of pure fiber, the video extender has enhanced features including multi-stream transport, plug-and-play capabilities, a state-of-the-art graphics component and the ability to be easily upgraded in the future for higher video resolution.  It provides stunning picture clarity.   But regardless of product quality, to keep the systems running smoothly, there is a need for ongoing customer and technical support and sometimes customized solutions or custom-designed products that can resolve specific engineering problems.

The relationship between the client and Vitex has evolved over the last decade into one the client has come to rely on as much as the technology. Recently, the company’s engineering team, who has successfully used DisplayPort for several years, reached out to Vitex as they upgraded their systems. They needed to enable the different interfaces they are using, to communicate with one another in a cost-effective way.  After consulting with a team of electrophysiology engineers, Vitex’s Michael Ko, Director of Business Development, proposed several product options the client could try (independent of who the vendor was). He also offered to custom design a product specifically for their needs.

According to Michael Ko: “We work with a team of optical designers and if a company cannot find a product that fulfills their needs, we can develop and design one for them. We are confident that we can develop a solution to their technical problems.”

Vitex works closely with several research and development partners which gives them these enhanced capabilities. The relationship between Vitex and the client is no longer only about servicing an actual product. It is a collaborative effort to find solutions to engineering issues as they arise.

The Outcome

Medical research and treatment have increasingly embraced the latest fiber optics technology and products to solve complex medical problems.  When choosing the best supplier of products, top-tier facilities and companies must be very discerning. They need a fiber optics supplier who not only can supply reliable robust products but one who can support that product and their engineering issues in a timely manner.

Ultimately top-tier medical companies need more than a product: they need a business partner.

Vitex, based in northern New Jersey, is a trusted supplier of fiber optics products and engineering solutions for more than two decades. With a staff of highly trained engineers, we offer technical support and customized solutions for your engineering needs. Reach out to us for more information.

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